Jennifer Lopez came under fire during the interview

Jennifer Lopez came under fire during the interviewJournalist Rob Marciano said that he agreed to do an interview with Latin pop star Jennifer Lopez. He said that during the conversation with the actress was totally unexpected event. Out of nowhere a man ran and opened fire in their direction. Jennifer did not understand what she is in danger. Journalist helped the actress and singer to avoid the tragic outcome of the treacherous attack. Out of ammo, but so anybody and not hitting, the assailant fled. It is searched by police, but so far no results.It is worth noting that in the singer's life now is not the best time. She had a fight with my mom because of the new young lover, whom Jennifer has got after the divorce with her ex-husband. And spat only worsened after mom Jennifer learned that Casper Smart offers to make joint child. Moreover, it does not matter what it will be, a child born to Jennifer or the receiver. Mother Guadalupe said to his daughter that if she goes on about her lover, it will be the biggest mistake of her life. Moreover, it does not accept the lover of his daughter, and very hostility took the news about the baby.Any comments about such a delicate situation from the Jennifer Lopez is currently unable to get. However, when she appears in public with his young lover, Jennifer glows with happiness and youth. Source: Jennifer Lopez came under fire during the interview.

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