Two dogs Elizabeth Hurley was poisoned by unknown

Two dogs Elizabeth Hurley was poisoned by unknownFamous English actress and model Elizabeth Hurley hit the most painful spot. Two dogs actress was poisoned by unknown. In the inner circle Liz assume that the reason for such ruthless crimes could become the envy.Now public and private life of the actress and model Elizabeth Hurley has the key. She not only continues to participate in various television projects, but also successfully builds relationships with cricketer Shane Warne as. However, the well-being of the actress someone clearly doesn't like.The other day Elizabeth Hurley, known for his love of dogs, in particular, for Labradors, left four of their four-legged Pets in the home, in an estate in Gloucestershire, and she went to her lover to Australia. However, the English actress stopped terrible news: two of her Pets someone poisoned. In the end, Elizabeth and Shane had together back in the UK.In the near surroundings Hurley believe that this crime is the work of the envious, say "7 days" and the death of poor animals only refined revenge those who wanted to strike Elizabeth all the more. What she does is an actress, are you ready to search for the attackers is unknown, but she is experiencing a loss. Beloved Hurley Shane Warne permanently there is next to her.Recall, the couple began shortly after the divorce Elizabeth with Indian billionaire by Arun Nayyar. Certificate of dissolution of marriage was granted in one of the courts of London in the summer of 2011. In the divorce documents filed by the actress. On standard survey question about reasons of divorce Liz replied that all the fault of "unreasonable behaviour Aruna". It's pretty strange wording, given that irrational behavior the last six months the press accuses itself just Hurley.About parting with Arun actress announced in December last year using the microblogging service Twitter. This time the paparazzi took pictures, which Hurley kissing American cricket player Shane Warne as. While her husband Arun no incriminating facts to the press could not be found. Source: Two dogs Elizabeth Hurley was poisoned by unknown.

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