GUS GUS again arrives in Moscow with a concert

GUS GUS again arrives in Moscow with a concertAgain with a concert in Moscow one of the most unusual bands on the modern electronic scene! Important and most anticipated event in the concert life of the city - Icelandic wizards GUS GUS will present their new album "Mexico" and the best hits from "Arabian Horse" and other albums in Moscow GlavClub"!Their homeland - the most mysterious country of the globe, music is a unique fusion of techno and soul, and among the band's fans - Beck, Blur, David Byrne and the Beastie Boys.It all started in 1995 in Iceland, and continues right now. Last Gus Gus album "Arabian Horse" became a sensation in the world of electronic dance music. Excellent composition on the junction of nineties house and urban soul in the spirit of Massive Attack has attracted a huge number of followers of all kinds of music - from the regulars trendy discos and arty lovers of exotic to ordinary music lovers, students from simple to editors of fashion magazines.The band's new album "Mexico" is a fresh look at how can sound club electronics today. Exquisite enveloping sound, intelligent sound, attention to the smallest nuances, relaxed and flawless vocal duet. Gus Gus again managed to find their unique sound at the intersection of classical influences - you can hear echoes of synth-pop eighties, Garriga and trance of the nineties. The first single was released, many familiar from the last concerts the song "Crossfade", which has led the German club charts.Each concert Gus Gus - this is almost a ritual roles played the action, mesmerized the audience swaying in a trance, every sound pierces through the crowd, the voices of the singers sound as if from somewhere in the cosmos, the musicians on stage are more like shamans, each harmony conjures images of mysterious landscapes "ice country". It seems that, coming out of the club onto the street, will see the sky the Northern lights.The schedule of the Russian tour group:October 29 - Krasnoyarsk, LOFTOctober 31 - Ekaterinburg, Tele-clubNovember 2 - Ufa, Ogni ufy3 November - Moscow , GlavClubNovember 4 - St. Petersburg, A2November 6 - Krasnodar, Arena HallNovember 7 - Rostov-on-don, TeslaSource: GUS GUS again arrives in Moscow with a concert.

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