Russell Brand showed up with new girlfriend

Russell Brand showed up with new girlfriend After her divorce from singer Katy Perry, which the couple suddenly announced this spring, after marriage and the year Russell Brand can not arrange his personal life. Truth alone actor too, not languishing.In the summer he was thought to have an affair with singer Jerry Halliwell, however, these relations have remained rumors. But with his next girlfriend, 24-year-old English student Amy Levoy, the actor began to appear on official grounds.However, this relationship did not last long. How long has Russell broke up with my lover nobody knows, but recently his company spends the time new brunette. What's the name of this girl, and what she does are unknown and Skrynnik Russell is in no hurry to introduce her to my friends. One thing is clear - beauty has no relation to an artistic environment. Source: Russell Brand appeared with new girlfriend (photos).

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