Savelyev and Safonov told about his family life

Savelyev and Safonov told about his family lifeSinger, member of girl group Sasha Savelieva and actor Kirill Safonov has been married for more than two years. However, neither the joint lives or life did not affect a romantic relationship to each other loving people. Moreover, as admitted by themselves and Cyril Alex, they have a perfect family.Recently Alexander Savelyev has posted on his page in Instagram pretty funny photo. Her Sasha and her husband Kirill Safonov posing in an interesting perspective. Both stand on skis. Picture of Alexander called very succinctly: "Exclusive view".By the way, recently and Cyril Alex has arranged a stay in a country hotel, where not only indulged favorite skating skis, and played in the snow and even rode on the hill. On the eve of Valentine's Day the couple gave a joint interview. Artists immediately noticed that don't like each other to surprise. "Please, Yes, but not to surprise you," quoting Sasha Savelyev "7 days"."When people try to impress, they are trying to compensate for something missing in everyday life. And we rejoice in each other every day. Generally, holidays have many. This wedding day - April 17, and meeting day - 23 February," explained Cyril.According to Sasha, their relationship developed very rapidly: "on March 8 Cyril gave me a ring, and a year later we got married Here... remember the beginning of our novel, and I do not feel that four years have passed. Romance doesn't go anywhere. We write the same tender SMS, as before." Safonov said: "Recently agreed to put them in smaller emoticons, and then our messages turned into a solid graffiti...".

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