Khabensky and Litvinov spent a few days in Rome

Khabensky and Litvinov spent a few days in RomePopular domestic actor Konstantin Khabensky spent a few days in Rome. With him the ancient city was visited by actress Olga Litvinova, called a friend of the artist.Despite the tight schedule and almost constant shooting in various projects, Konstantin Khabensky snatched a couple days and decided to go to Rome to rest and relax. With him in the journey went actress Olga Litvinova, which, they say, a popular actor passionate affair.Before flying to Italy, the couple spent some time in a cafe, and even skeptics are unable to admit that Khabensky near Litvinova is literally blooming. From careful not sheltered views on Olga periodically threw Constantine.Already in Rome, according to Life News, staying in a modest hotel close to the famous Colosseum, Knightley and Litvinova all day walking around the center of the city, seeing the sights and enjoying each other's company. Interestingly, neither the actor nor Litvinova not comment on their relationship.We will remind, the first rumors that keira Knightley and its cinematic counterpart on the shop Olga Litvinova novel, appeared a couple of years ago. Then the actors came together in the light, hitting a lot of not only journalists, but also who you pair.In February there was information that allegedly Constantine and Olga almost live together. The couple managed to shoot on the doorstep. However, the photo hunters star was only from behind and from a distance.Roman Konstantin Khabensky and Olga Litvinova can be called spyware. Both actors skillfully played on the audience, not a single superfluous word or movement without showing their feelings to each other, both go alone and literally dashes reach the door of the building.It is known that Konstantin Khabensky and Olga Litvinova know for a long time, but only recently their relationship has entered the stage of "friendship" in phase "love". The couple even played together in two performances - "Duck hunt" and "hamlet". Source: Khabensky and Litvinov spent a few days in Rome.

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