Colleagues mourn Ilya Oleynikov

Colleagues mourn Ilya OleynikovActor and TV presenter Ilya Oleinikov, who died Sunday at the 66th year of life was bright and happy person, say his colleagues who worked with him in the Art. According to them, he gave people the priceless moments of laughter and hope for the best.Ilya Oleynikov gained fame as the Creator and actor of the program "small Town", which he launched in 1993 together with Yuri Stoyanov. From 1974 to 1990 he worked in the Art as a comedian.The chief Director of the "Petersburg-concert" (formerly Art) Nicholas Doxin remembers that the range of artistic self-expression from the beginning was impressed colleagues and friends. "We met him 30 years ago, maybe more, when he came to the Art. He worked with Roma Kazakov, thanks to those thumbnails, they sang, they came first fame" - quoted Doxine RIA Novosti.He recalled that Oleynikov, in addition to creating the TV show "Town" and the filming of feature films, wrote music and created the musical "the Prophet", and together with his wife Irina released the album "Chanson for two". "He's an incredible showman, he had a terrific sense Reprise - the humor that are looking for years and can't find it. Any miniature, any text he could do was smiling. He worked in the direction of the smile", said Doxin.According to him, the nature Oleinikov was a man motivated, tenacious and determined - not only in creativity but also in other spheres of life. His friends didn't quit and never forgot. "If we talk about the Hobbies, he has excellent design taste, including landscape design. He even published in specialized publications. Sometimes he picked up the brush and paint, and created a vivid, emotional story on the canvas, which fascinated and attracted opinion", - said the Director.In turn, the managing Director of the "Petersburg-concert" Tatyana Mamedova says Oleynikova how incredibly cheerful, mischievous, positive person. "He came to us in the mid-70s, I was the head of the tour Department. We've had some bad trips - for several hours on buses all the time on the road. But he was never discouraged. Were jokes, laughter, fun. And the way he was on stage, the same in life," said Mammadov. Recently Oleynikov really hard and often ill, confirmed Mammadov. But, no matter what, "I tried to stay strong and not show.Director and producer of the program "small Town" Yuri Stoyanov, after learning about the tragic news, said that could not bear the thought of the death of his colleagues. "It's hard even mention words like memories - because for me this man is not my past. And remember I can't. I am for those few hours that he was gone... to say some words, than he was to me as he was an actor - it's just physically impossible, and I see this as some kind of blasphemy. This is my present, this is the man who will be with me a lifetime. And I can't imagine that I have to talk about him," said Stoyanov.The son of actor Dennis Cleaver stated that his father died after a long illness. "Heart gave out and stopped at four in the morning. While we won't comment on which hospital it happened and when the funeral" - said Claver.In turn, the head of the Town "Marina Kharkevich said that the old editions of the programme, which starred Ilya Oleynikov, will continue to come on the TV channel "Russia 1". "Digests of the program "small Town" I hope will go all the way. This is something that we have already removed, and we play every Saturday. I hope for another one premiere, because program last Ilya shot and all was good," she said.Kharkevich added that are not yet ready to talk about whether there will be a closed program, stressed that the transfer will not be able to exist without one of the actors. "This program two artists. They came up with together, they have done it, and in the "Town" can be only two actors," said the head of "Town".Kharkevich added that recalls Oleynikova as a brilliant artist and a real man who was always ready to help. "Ilya Oleynikov was a friend, a partner and never in my life for 20 years did not disappoint. Except that he was a brilliant artist, he was also a real man. It's rare for actors. He was able to maintain, not to betray, not to quit, not to turn away in moments of success, of fame. I am very grateful," she concluded. Source: Colleagues mourn Ilya Oleynikov.

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