YANNI will perform in Moscow with a `special` concert

YANNI will perform in Moscow with a `special` concertIn Moscow again comes one of the most interesting and original musicians of our time - YANNI. He is the only actor that collects the sold out ten concerts at new York's Radio City Music Hall" and for five successive stage show "Auditorio Nacionale" in Mexico city. The owner not only of the highest musical awards such as Grammy, but radiant and bewitching smiles, he knows how to play, it seems, on all existing musical instruments. And his awesome tunes acquire their unique cut including through synth sound.on may 26 in Moscow on the stage Crocys City Hall Yanni Hrisomallis with their phenomenal musicians will present a new "special" show. Fans around the world are called outstanding Greek as "modern Mozart". And it's not in the classical canons, and the amazing perfection of melody that creates this gifted composer. Someone defines creativity as YANNI new age music. For the rest of his millions of fans - is a world without borders. Playing one song a whole variety of genres, from jazz to ethnic motives, he gives each of his bright melody and deep feelings. And then it seems that you are ready to learn the secret and all the perfection of the Universe.Once, 30 years ago Yanni first appeared on the music scene. He couldn't help being impressed: Even Larry king after the interview with the artist stated the fact that before him "the driving force of modern instrumental music". And he added with a smile that for the first time sees, as the most popular and successful multi-instrumentalist "makes millions of women swoon".Today, on account of Yanni Hrisomallis 19 albums, not taking into account the compilations and singles, with a total circulation of over 15 million copies. His concerts are held in the most prestigious parts of the world, among them the Greek Acropolis, and the legendary Taj Mahal in India, and the Chinese Imperial Palace in the forbidden city.What will happen this time? "Special concert" - briefly and concisely talks about the upcoming concert in Russia is a musician himself. Source: YANNI will perform in Moscow with a "special" concert.

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