Actor in a television series `Streets of broken lights` Dmitry Poddubny died

Actor in a television series `Streets of broken lights` Dmitry Poddubny diedActor and Director, Dmitry Poddubny, who gained fame after starring in the TV series "Secrets of the investigation", "stopping power", "Streets of broken lights" died in hospital of the city of St. Petersburg. The actor was only 49 years old.According to the representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs, at the end of last week in a police station adopted a telephone message from the hospital about the death of a person. In accordance with the rules of the telephone message was recorded by the police in the prescribed manner. Now being tested at the death of a person in a medical facility.Zoe Poddubnaya, the actor's daughter, told reporters that the actor was taken to hospital by ambulance. He had cramps all over the body, resembling an epileptic seizure. Upon arrival to the hospital was made all the necessary procedures, tests, x-rays. Doctors did not find any bruises or injuries. Later that de day she got a call from the hospital and reported the death of his father. And the next day, Friday, came to her check from the police, exploring the circumstances of the case. It is reported that the cause of death was intracranial injury of the brain. After the autopsy of the body will be known the exact cause of the death of Dmitry Poddubny.Except for serials Dmitry Poddubny starred in feature films such as "swordsman", "Fireman". Source: Actor of the series "Streets of broken lamps" Dmitry Poddubny died.

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