Lera Kudryavtseva accused Ivan Dorn greed

Lera Kudryavtseva accused Ivan Dorn greedPopular TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva are unable to restrain his indignation, and in his microblog shared with readers criticizing the young singer Ivan Dorn. According to Lera, the singer requires for its performance astronomical sums.Lera Kudryavtseva, who is usually quite reserved in their emotions, especially in public, suddenly in his microblog shared with friends and fans annoyance about the amount of the fee requested by young Ivan Dorn."2-3 years ago, when Ivan Dorn was unknown guy and kept us Children's New Wave I sawed the brain Krutoy that it is necessary to pay attention and take it to our Adult (New wave), etc etc . In the end, Ivan is the star! The star the same???? So recently he called me and asked to speak at the event. Was named the price of one flight into space. Fly Vanya, fly!!!!!;)))))" - told the story Lera Kudryavtseva.On account of popular TV presenter said the singer Natasha Koroleva. She tried to maintain Kudryavtsev and wrote a rather sarcastic tweet: "Ha! Just when you're in space I think that it is forever! Young not experienced!)Lerone don't worry!)" TV presenter, apparently, quickly took himself in hand, answered the Queen: "I'm aware of:)))) And it is that Space travel is not eternal.;))))" Many fans are also not left behind. Someone suggested that Ivan Dorn all the star signs of the disease."It turns out that way!!!" - judiciously said Kudryavtseva. However, it was soon replaced by anger at the mercy and at the end of the topic, wrote: "Okay, I like the creativity Vani mandrel, but as I expressed here my Fi. All good!!!!;))))" However, fans of the popular TV presenter was not able so easily to calm down, and some offered to send Ivan Dorn into space. Performer himself has not commented on the outrage of the presenter. Source: Lera Kudryavtseva accused Ivan Dorn greed.

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