Actor Matt Dallas has announced that he is gay

Actor Matt Dallas has announced that he is gay30-year-old actor Matt Dallas has announced that he is gay. In General, about the orientation of Matt all had it, but secretly. The actor never mentioned his novels.The name Matt is not too known to the world kept an eye on his personal life: Dallas known for the role of a mysterious alien Kyle from the TV series "Kyle XY", we also saw him in the TV series "Entourage" and "Eastwick". Even Matt starred in music videos: he was in the music video for "Geek Love" Fan group 3, James blunt's "Goodbye My Lover" played together with Mischa Barton and appeared in the video for the song "Thinking of You" Katy Perry.January 7, Matt wrote in his Twitter: "Start the year with a new fiancГ©, blue Hamilton. A great way to start 2013!" The text was accompanied by a photograph of Hamilton favorite dog. Thus, Dallas is not only the first mentioned his homosexual, but were also told about the engagement.Journalists, of course, already know everything. Blue Hamilton is a singer and composer from California, she and Matt are Dating quietly since 2009. In light of the new relationship to the brave souls who dared to announce their orientation, we can assume much attention to the person of Dallas. Will check it out. Ricky Martin, at least, began a new career milestone after such statements. Source: Actor Matt Dallas has announced that he is gay.

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