Richard Gere managed not to see Robert Pattinson

Richard Gere managed not to see Robert PattinsonPopular Hollywood actor with the role of Lothario Richard Gere managed not to learn on a secular reception the star of the movie "Twilight" and the darling of teenage girls around the world Robert Pattinson. Only spouse Gere recognized Pattinson and stated that he believes it is very nice.The other day Richard Gere was embarrassed on one of the social events, thereby demonstrating that the world hysteria about the franchise "Twilight" was clearly past him. It turned out the actor didn't recognize the star of the movie, who plays vampire Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson, although they literally sat at the same table.Hollywood actors met at a gala dinner in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of the film "Vicious passion", where Richard Gere played a brilliant lover and charismatic swindler. Interestingly, in the puncture 63-year-old actor admitted himself. "He was a nice guy, but I had no idea who this is" - quoted by Richard Gere StarHit."Opened my eyes" to the artist, his wife, actress and former model Carey Lowell. "I called the wife who asked me what we were doing together, and said that Robert's awfully cute," said Geer. As it turned out, the wife of the star of the movie "Pretty woman" literally crazy about Robert Pattinson. Moreover, she is an ardent fan of the franchise, the final part of which, incidentally, came on the screen.So, at the premiere of the picture, which was held in Los Angeles, truly the star of the evening was not even the last part of "Twilight", and dress of Kristen Stewart. The girl decided to show absolutely everyone your thin, chiseled figure. For this purpose, the young actress chose a skimpy dress from Zuhair Murad skin color. Outfit Kristen literally shocked seasoned fashion critics, fans and journalists.Dress Stewart was not only incredibly beautiful, flowing, made from strips of fabric and lace, but also a stunningly transparent. So, anyone could see not only the color but also the style of panties Kristen. The actress nudity did not bother. The girl happily posed for the cameras, and reporters, sensing a sensation immediately clicked gates. Source: Richard Gere managed not to see Robert Pattinson.

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