Real or artificial bust celebrities

Real or artificial bust celebrities For anybody not a secret that celebrities are frequent guests plastic surgeons.As ascending and famous celebrities have resorted to the services of plastic surgeons to improve their appearance. The most popular plastic surgery among celebrities, of course, is breast augmentation.In the pursuit of popularity of the celebrities go under the knife of the surgeon - some of them in a quest to become the perfect disfigure your face and body, however, there are those who, with the help of plastic surgery only corrects the natural beauty, emphasizing the dignity.We offer our readers rank the best natural operations of celebrities for breast augmentation. Looking at the bust of some famous ladies below, sometimes in doubt, and begs the question: Real or artificial?".Legendary style icon Victoria Beckham has never denied that visited your operating plastic surgeon. In 2005 in the hands of journalists were documents that testified that the singer and fashion designer has spent a lot of money on breast enlargement. Not notice changes in the bust of the stars was almost impossible! However, in 2009, Victoria has decided to adjust its silicone breast... to reduce it!Natalie PortmanHollywood beauty was never the owner of magnificent forms. But this year, during a visit to football games, Natalie boasted a big bust. The paparazzi could not fail to note changes in appearance of the actress, and, after making its findings, has shared photos of Busty stars with the public. "Had a boob job? Looks like you?!" such headlines were full of American tabloids.Megan FoxComparing the two shots of Hollywood Actresses, it is impossible not to notice the increase in her breast. Starting a career in Hollywood, Megan was the owner of a modest-sized Breasts, but on the red carpet last year boasted movie star new forms - rumor has it that the star had a boob job just one size.Demi MooreIn the eighties the famous actress demi Moore willingly showed her naked body on the screen and footage from these films attest to the fact that the star had plastic surgery for breast augmentation, because Frank film "Striptease" in 1996, she appeared with noticeably rounded forms and a new bust!Christina AguileraAmerican pop star Christina Aguilera has never commented on the rumors about her plastic surgery. Rumor has it that the singer has had 2 operations on breast augmentation - first her small bust increased slightly, and a few years ago and all was impressive. It is noteworthy that in one of the concerts rumors about breast augmentation Christina confirmed - the paparazzi took some photos of the shocking scars under the armpits actress.Paris HiltonChest socialite Paris Hilton in recent years has become much more elaborate - such changes in appearance the stars have noticed those fans of the star, which saw her scandalous home video. It is noteworthy that in 2001, Paris has publicly declared that does not intend to enlarge your Breasts with implants, but it seems that a few years later, changed her mind and yet, visited a plastic surgeon. Source: Real or artificial bust celebrities (photos).

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