Famous radio host in new York committed suicide

Famous radio host in new York committed suicideLongtime couple leading the transfer of "the pursuit of happyness" John Littig and Lynn Rosen committed suicide using plastic bags with helium.Their bodies (45 Lynn Rosen and 47 year old John Littig) were found in bed in their apartment. The couple lived in Brooklyn in the same house for over 20 years. Found the bodies of neighbors who live on the floor below, because blood stains began to appear through the ceiling.As reported by Russia Today, both the deceased left a suicide note. Lynn Rosen in his note said that he and John go from a life on their own and mutual consent. John Littig apologized to the parents of his companion and also wrote that he lacks the strength to watch her suffer.The reasons for this tragedy are now being investigated. There is evidence that Lynn Rosen had mental problems.Although these radio hosts helped listeners in problems with depression and in life situations. In addition to working on the radio Lynn Rosen worked as a psychotherapist and her husband John Littig was the drummer in the group.Neighbors describe the couple as "very nice people". Source: Famous radio host in new York committed suicide.

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