Angelina Jolie lost their Breasts

Angelina Jolie lost their BreastsAngelina Jolie told reporters that the purpose of the prevention of breast cancer she had to undergo a series of operations, which was removed two Breasts (mammary glands).Recent analyses Angelina Jolie has shown that the risk of breast cancer at the famous actress rose to 87 percent. For this reason, was made the difficult decision to undergo a surgical intervention.Now her family and many foster children can be calm for her health, my mother from cancer when they lose. Angelina admitted that the shape of the breast e recovered plastic surgeons with the help of implants.All that heavy for the actress of the time was supporting her husband Brad pitt, who helped to maintain optimism during difficult operations.American film star wants to show the example for many women around the world that they have a way out. For this reason, she did not hide the fact of the operation, as many women can have a chance at survival thanks to her example.Angelina Jolie recalled that she had a hereditary predisposition to breast cancer. Her mom died from this terrible disease at the age of 56 in 2007. Source: Angelina Jolie lost their Breasts.

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