The TV show-the pirate leaders download 2012

The TV show-the pirate leaders download 2012The series "Game of thrones" (Game of Thrones) this year topped the list of "most pirated TV shows - only one episode was downloaded 4.2 million times, which allowed to shift from first show about a serial killer called "Dexter" (Dexter), which downloaded 3.8 million users, reports The Guardian with reference to the rating of TorrentFreak.As notes the edition, the number of pirated downloads of "Game of thrones" is comparable to the viewership of the show - the same 4.2 million.The largest number of illegal downloads were made in Australia, on the second and third place in the U.S. and Canada.Third in popularity among users downloading pirated copies, became the TV series "the big Bang Theory (The Big Bang Theory), who have downloaded 3 million people. Fourth place went to the TV show "How I met your mother" (How I Met Your Mother). The top five also included the series "breaking bad" (Breaking Bad), who collected 2.5 million downloads.The TV show-the pirate leaders download 20121. "Game of thrones" (Game of Thrones) 4.2 million downloads; audience in the U.S. - about 4.2 million;2. "Dexter" (Dexter) - 3,8 million downloads; 2.75 million TV audience;3. "The Big Bang theory (The Big Bang Theory) - million downloads; 15.8 million TV audience;4. "How I met your mother" (How I Met Your Mother) - 2.96 million downloads; 10.1 million TV audience;5. "Breaking bad" (Breaking Bad) - 2.58 million downloads; 2,98 million TV audience;6. "The walking dead" (The Walking Dead) - 2.55 million downloads; 10,87 million TV audience;7. "A stranger among us" (Homeland) - 2.4 million downloads; 2,36 million TV audience;8. "House MD" (House) - 2,34 million downloads; 9,78 million TV audience;9. "The brink" (Fringe) - 2.2 million downloads; 3.12 million TV audience;10. "Revolution" (Revolution) - 2,13 million downloads; 11,65 million TV audience. Source: the TV Show-the pirate leaders download 2012.

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