Demi Moore has surprised friends with strange gestures

Demi Moore has surprised friends with strange gestures Recently in the press again talking about the strange behavior of demi Moore, and, as usual, the reason for this has given herself an actress. For example, on Wednesday, the 50-year-old movie star excelled at the party Chanel Beachside Barbecue, perplexing his antics Leni Kravitz, Stasi Keibler and other star guests.Looking at how demi famously shake a leg, sitting on the couch next to your friends, you would have thought that the woman was drunk. Moreover, she actively shook his head, waved hair and hands that are close Kravitz was surprised and confused and insane gestures of the actress.It is not clear that drinking alcohol this lady, but in the intake of energy drinks certainly no doubt. Maybe that's overkill this "energizing" of the liquid due to the "fun" mood demi.Besides dance madness Moore hit another and clearly visible the cellulite, which the actress did not hide, but rather paraded by the party not by age short unitard.By the way, at parties, demi was not alone, but with her new boyfriend Vito Schnabel. Despite the fact that the paparazzi failed to capture the couple together, rumor has it that lovers behaved quite frankly and demonstrated their passion in public.Since then, Kutcher dropped Moore in November 2011, she tries to bring their moral and physical condition to normal. But unfortunately, in search of happiness and peace of mind, the actress often looks ridiculous and absurd, continuing to make the same mistakes. Which is a pity.Watch lit demi Moore at the star party. Source: demi Moore surprised friends with strange gestures (photo).

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