The Timberlake Gets married in Italy

The Timberlake Gets married in ItalyIf you believe the Western press, the wedding of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beal will take place this week in Italy. Before the lovers were going to arrange a wedding in North Carolina, but in the end, apparently decided that there's not enough romance.The groom and the bride do not comment on the news of their wedding, while protecting their own privacy. Moreover, an acting couple is already "married" in late summer, therefore, to congratulate Jessica and Justin with the upcoming nuptials while, perhaps prematurely."They are ready to get married," said an anonymous source and reported that the ceremony was being prepared in secret, and the Italian wedding invite only your dearest.By the way, a couple of weeks ago Jessica saw in the boutique for brides. Maybe she was looking for an outfit? Source: Timberlake Gets married in Italy.

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