Kristen Stewart flashed her panties

Kristen Stewart flashed her pantiesOn the eve of the Los Angeles premiere of the final part of the franchise "Twilight". The female lead Kristen Stewart shocked many fans and journalists, appearing on the red carpet in almost transparent flesh-colored dress.Yesterday, November 12, at the Los Angeles premiere of the last part of the franchise about vampires - the Twilight Saga. Saga. Dawn: Part 2", held at the Nokia Theatre. The event gathered not only almost the entire star cast of the film, which recently began to like the series, but many fans of the picture and journalists with cameras at the ready.And Kristen Stewart with Robert Pattinson, who played the main roles in the film, does not disappoint with the effect. Not only that, they arrived towards the end, his late plenty thrashed all nerves, but also looked quite like a happy, loving couple. They were hugging, posing for the camera, and literally beaming with joy. But what exactly was it caused by: long-awaited reconciliation or after the shooting is unclear.Note that the real star of the evening was not even the final part of "Twilight", and dress of Kristen Stewart. The girl decided to show absolutely everyone your thin, chiseled figure. For this purpose, the young actress chose a skimpy dress from Zuhair Murad skin color. Outfit Kristen literally shocked seasoned fashion critics, fans and journalists.Dress Stewart was not only incredibly beautiful, flowing, made from strips of fabric and lace, but also a stunningly transparent. So, anyone could see not only the color but also the style of panties Kristen. The actress nudity did not bother. The girl happily posed for the cameras, and reporters, sensing a sensation immediately clicked gates.Evil tongues have already discussed provocative outfit Hollywood Actresses. So, some sarcastic surprised that Kristen picture showed the chest. Others remembered that she had nothing to show, because my bust she has already demonstrated.Recall that Kristen Stewart has struck the public at the 65th Cannes film festival. The actress appeared on the red carpet in a dress with that neckline, which is literally "jumped" her Breasts. Then Kristen, apparently, quickly realized that you made a mistake. After the screening of a new film of his beloved, the actress changed into a much more modest apparel. Source: Kristen Stewart flashed her panties.

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