Basharov framed Semenovich, not arriving at the celebration

Basharov framed Semenovich, not arriving at the celebrationPresentation of popular singer Anna Semenovich didn't go as planned. Not only that, for the premiere of the new song singer came famous actor Marat Basharov, who played a major role in the music video for the eponymous song artist and Alexander Rybak ignored festive evening.In the end, upset Semenovich flatly refused to pose for photographers with their own parents.The other day in one of the capital's institutions was held a presentation of a new song Anna Semenovich, the main role in the clip played Marat Basharov. However, despite the fact that the actor was supposed to attend the event, Basharova so anybody on the presentation and not seen.Numerous journalists who gathered for the ceremony, Mr Sobyanin explained that Basharova performance. According to "Moskovsky Komsomolets", clip "Love in the sky" with the participation of well-known and many favorite actor, claimed to be "the bomb". However, as noted by many journalists, recently the unfolding scandal with Basharov only tarnished the reputation Semenovich and her new offspring.We will remind, the other day the magistrate of the Arbat district for 20 months was deprived of the right to drive vehicles Marat Basharova, stopped on October 11 Novy Arbat capital's traffic police for driving under the influence. However, this was not only a popular actor. Announced for the event Alexander Rybak didn't come to the party to Kiva. As a result, Anna was upset that flatly refused to be photographed with their own parents, who also attended the presentation, said the publication.Semenovich explained by the fact that supposedly they don't like to pose for the camera. However, when they were surrounded by journalists, they enjoyed talked about his star daughter. And completely do not hesitate. It is worth noting that other guests registered for the event, visit Anna. Among them were seen Maria Butyrskaya, Anastasia Grebenkina with her husband, the group "Brilliant", the wife of Nikita Dzhigurda Marina Anisina and many others.Nevertheless, for lack of two stars, which were supposed to be at the party, Anna Semenovich tried to rectify the situation, stating that the cake at the end of the evening the waiters made, she prepared herself. As noted by some spiteful critics, birthday cake tasted quite ordinary. Source: Basharov framed Semenovich, not arriving at the celebration.

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