Terrible details of the personal life of Masha Rasputina

Terrible details of the personal life of Masha RasputinaBecame known the terrible details of the personal life of the popular singer of Masha Rasputina. Say, the eldest daughter of the singer Lidiya Yermakova was a victim of rape.The eldest daughter of the popular singer with the unique voice of Masha Rasputina Lydia has long been in a psychiatric hospital near Moscow. All this time the former husband and producer of the singer Vladimir Ermakov claimed that Mary threw daughter.However, it is not. The singer in the hospital seen, but not too often. Some speculated that perhaps it had hurt to look at unhealthy daughter, while others thought that all the matter in the grievance, Lida was a very spoiled girl. Just recently, the clinic staff told the details of complex family relationships. They are sure good daughter has changed beyond recognition due to the evil influence of his father.Moreover, they say, and more shocking details. "Of course, mental state and played. She was raped, I don't know his father or anyone. She was raped, it is true", - quotes the employee of the psychological clinic NTV.Note that the version of rape has repeatedly exaggerated in the media. Moreover, last year the ex-husband of Masha Rasputina Vladimir Ermakov wanted to get the singer to court and make it a criminal case. "Vladimir Ivanovich wrote a statement to the police, he asks to bring a criminal case against the Maria Rasputina, said in an interview, the lawyer Ermakov Sergey Eliseev. - Rasputin and her husband, calling Ermakova last words, accused him of incest, not allowing him to say in his defense. How should I say this from the screen?".

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