The Bolshoi theatre will sue Internet speculators

The Bolshoi theatre will sue Internet speculatorsThe Bolshoi theatre has addressed in Arbitration court with the claim to the Internet portal for the unlawful use of the trademark by the Bolshoi. The Director of theatre Anatoly Iksanov has told in interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". He did not elaborate on what the website is about.Iksanov expressed confidence that the Bolshoi will win the case and then companies that are engaged in speculation, will leave the market. The Director of the Bolshoi recognized that inflated prices on the Internet (tickets to the ballet "the Nutcracker", according to the newspaper, the Network sold for 50 thousand rubles) - a serious problem for the theater.In response to the question why and the official price of the tickets in the stalls so high (reach 12 thousand), Iksanov said that the theater sells a great number of cheap tickets (about 600) for $ 100; they can purchase students and beneficiaries. Theater tickets are also sold online on the official website of the Bolshoi theatre.Grand theatre for many years struggling with the dealers, because of which the prices of the tickets increased three times up to 9 to 12 thousand rubles. In order to fight against speculators in the end of 2011, the Bolshoi theatre began selling tickets on its website on passports. As far as the theatre thus managed to reduce the amount of black market is unknown. Peak activity of speculators came to the opening of a historical scene after the restoration is then on the Internet there were messages that the price of the tickets for the opening ranges from 90 thousand to two million.The Bolshoi theater traditionally on new year's eve, 31 December, gives the ballet "the Nutcracker". In addition, scheduled for December premiere of the ballet "Moidodyr" is the first work of choreographer Yuri Smekalov. Source: the Grand theatre will sue Internet speculators.

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