`The light of Ivanov` poured acid

`The light of Ivanov` poured acid"Sveta from Ivanovo" experienced a few unpleasant moments in my life. An unknown man threw the girl's feet a condom with acid.Filming in the capital's restaurant "Apricot" in the Light Kuritsyn was attacked by an unknown man. He approached the girl called her and cast under the feet of the condom with acid. The girl herself was not injured, but the shoes producer inoperable. After the incident, the presenter gave the guard. Now the "Light of Ivanov's" travels in an armored car, and the guard examines sms with threats that were found in the girl's phone. Itself Kuritsyn prefers not to dwell on this incident.We will remind that recently Kuritsyn participated in the program "let's get married!" on the First channel. The girl acted as bridesmaid. But viewers were disappointed with its appearance. Light appeared in public in short dress and shoes on a giant stiletto. The public was expecting to see an innocent, kind girl. Unfortunately Kuritsyn does not fit on this role, rather it looked like a vulgar person, not capable of sympathy and empathy. Rose Sabitova was disappointed with the behavior of the Lights. "In some moments I was at it frankly embarrassing," said Sabitova. Source: "Sveta from Ivanovo" poured acid.

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