Milla Jovovich attended the most expensive restaurant in Moscow

Milla Jovovich attended the most expensive restaurant in MoscowActress Milla Jovovich has arranged dinner with friends on the 62nd floor of a skyscraper in the centre of the capital.36-year-old star of the "resident evil", once again visited Russia, spent the evening with friends in one of the most expensive Moscow restaurants.On Wednesday evening in the company of our American colleagues Milla came to the restaurant, which is located on the 62nd floor of one of the towers of the complex "Moscow-city" - it is here that the magnificent night views of Moscow from the height of 242 meters above the ground.Charming Hollywood actress enjoyed the lights of the capital as a child, and then running up to the Windows. Administrators even opened them so she could enough admire a stunning panorama.- Oh, how lovely! Beautiful view! - the whole room screamed Jovovich and laughed loudly.Enough to enjoy the views of Moscow, the actress and friends began to eat. Milla did not eat heavy food and ordered a seafood salad. And to drink the company chose white wine.Jovovich was in a good mood: the whole evening star "the Fifth element" told stories and laughed at the jokes of friends. Also Milla talked with several visitors, and before leaving, even hugged and kissed newfound friends.The expense of a restaurant put up a handsome Milla with seven friends dined at two thousand euros. However, they paid exactly half, because they were given a discount of 50 percent. Source: Milla Jovovich attended the most expensive restaurant in Moscow.

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