In `the House 2` was rocked by another sex scandal

In `the House 2` was rocked by another sex scandalOn endless telestroke another sex scandal. This time he broke out about the strange behavior of 24-year-old Lera Kadubinoj from Elektrostal. Visiting his girlfriend Gina Izyum she met a young man, and after 20 minutes they made love.About the incident told the angry Izyum. Shocked by the behavior of his friend Gina was contacted by the management of the project and reported all the details of the evening.The participants of the reality show condemned Leroux Casolino, but fans comely brunette began breast to her defense. They believe that the relationship with the first comer pushed her lack of male affection - on the project the girl weren't a couple. In addition, the assumption was that Leroy had lost his head from love. However, if Casolino swept real feelings, beskompleksnyh the participant "Houses-2" one can only regret. Psychologists say that sex in a day is not conducive to the development of relations.According to a large European Dating site, the majority of men have a negative attitude to the girls, ready for intimacy after the first rendezvous. However, respondents were convicted only women up to 30 years. The middle-aged ladies they are "allowed" to spend the night as they please.Interestingly, despite the ambiguous attitude towards "easy prey",respondents still were willing to have sex on the first date.A similar study was conducted among the female audience. As it turned out, to intimacy in no way were ready 78% ladies in the age from 30 to 40 years and only 7% of women from 18 to 30. Source: "House-2" was rocked by another sex scandal.

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