`Odyssey` of Homer going into space

`Odyssey` of Homer going into spaceStudio Warner Bros. intends to film the Odyssey of Homer. The action of ancient Greek epic in the film version will be moved into space. About it writes the edition Deadline.According to the report, the script for the film adaptation instructed young author James Delpo, only in 2012 from the University. The concept belongs to producer Terry Dougas, employee of 1821 Pictures film company; co-producers film will play Paris Kasidokostas, who worked with Dugazon on "sober", and David Heyman, best known for the films about Harry Potter.Also the project was planned to connect brad pitt, who played Achilles in another film adaptation of Homer's works, the film "Troy" by Wolfgang Petersen. However, the actor will not participate in the Odyssey.It is reported that already at this stage Studio Warner Bros. considers the future picture as having great potential to be the first part of the franchise.The original story of the Odyssey by ancient Greek poet Homer unfolds after the Trojan war. One of the Achaean commanders Odysseus, the cunning king of the Mediterranean island of Ithaca, trying to get back home. However the gods mend his obstacles, and the road takes Odysseus for many years during which he and his people are amazing and dangerous adventures.Along with the story of the Trojan war "Illiade", "Odyssey" is one of the fundamental works of European literature. Both epics repeatedly processed and rethinking, in particular, the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges thought of the history of the siege of the fortress and returning home two of the four archetypal stories that date back to the storyline of all literary narratives."Odyssey" was also repeatedly filmed. Among the most famous canadaplace - "Ulysses" 1955 kirk Douglas in the title role, the Italian television series "Wanderings of Odysseus" in 1968, and the film Andrei Kokalevskaja "Odyssey", released in 1997. From the classic movie version of where the story of Homer retold not literally, it is worth mentioning the picture, "Oh, where are you, brother?" Joel and Ethan Coen. This musical is set in the USA in 1937. Source: "the Odyssey" by Homer will go into space.

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