The Bolshoi theatre has accused Tsiskaridze in the intrigues

The Bolshoi theatre has accused Tsiskaridze in the intriguesBallet dancer and teacher Nikolai Tsiskaridze continues to fight for the position of General Director of the Bolshoi theatre. As reported "Interfax", said the press service of the Bolshoi theatre.A press-the Secretary of theatre Katerina Novikova said that now for the theater it is obvious that the story of the letter - part of the struggle of the artist for the post of Director. She also expressed regret that because of this discredited the reputation and image of the Bolshoi theatre.In the Bolshoi theatre gave the first formal evaluation of the appearance of a letter in support Tsiskaridze, written in the name of Vladimir Putin's 12 cultural figures. It said that the theater needed change that must begin with a change of the General Director Anatoly Iksanova at the end of this year. In its place was proposed to appoint Nikolai Tsiskaridze.The letter, which became known on November 9, was signed by Director mark Zakharov, Opera singer Elena Obraztsova, Vladimir Andreev, coach Irina Viner, Director Galina Volchek, teacher of the Bolshoi theatre Yury Vladimirov, choreographer Mikhail Lavrovsky, ballerina Maria Leonova, tenor Zurab Sotkilava, Director Oleg Tabakov, actors Alisa Freundlich and Gennady Khazanov.The media learned about the existence of the letter after the Ministry of culture has officially extended his contract with Anatoly Iksanov until the end of 2014. The letter aroused the indignation of a number of cultural figures, including former Minister of culture Mikhail Shvydkoi, who first wrote about it in his blog on the website of "echo of Moscow".Some of the signatories, including tobacco and Khazanov, stated that only wanted to support Tsiskaridze, thinking that the new one will be incompetent Director, and not to be dismissed Iksanova. Apologize the present Director of the Bolshoi brought Zakharov and Obraztsova, zaverucha that you did not know about the exact content of the letter. So, Zakharov was acquainted with its contents only by phone and agreed to sign it, knowing the names of other leaders who supported Tsiskaridze. Zurab Sotkilava also admitted that he had not read the letter as a whole, which, in his opinion, was written incorrectly, but said that the theater is still time for a change.The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky said that the office was not received this email, and call history with his appearance strange and ridiculous, noting that some of the signatories of the letter has been withdrawn.Anatoly Iksanov directs the Bolshoi theatre since September 2000. When it was held a large-scale reconstruction of the historical scene of the Bolshoi theatre, which was criticized by some artists, including Nikolai Tsiskaridze. Source: Grand theatre accused Tsiskaridze in the intrigues.

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