In malmö was the opening of Eurovision song contest 2013

In malmö was the opening of Eurovision song contest 2013So, on may 12, 2013 was the start of the next competition of the Eurovision 2013. Last year in Baku the right to host the competition at home won Swedish beauty Lauryn.In front of the city Opera house in malmö was laid a red carpet on which delegations marched 39 participating countries. Each delegation tried to leave a vivid impression, in short, the contest has already begun. Especially notable was the Finns who barely managed to drive off the road.A furor was made by the representative of the UK, Bonnie Tyler. She admitted that she likes singer from Germany and Russia, and her voice, if she had the chance, she would give Dina Garipova.Great impression on the audience made the emergence of the Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich with giant Igor Vovkovinskiy. The growth of this man, who will take the stage together with the Ukrainian singer is, attention, two meters thirty-four centimeters.Dina Garipova came out in a dress that was made for her by designer role and Regalini, wife of the brother of Dina, whose name is Dmitry. In the mass, the contestants impressed the audience with frankness and boldness of the outfits. Dean looked at their background very elegantno and mysterious. Source: In malmö was the opening of Eurovision song contest 2013.

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