James Franco has a new girlfriend

James Franco has a new girlfriendThe popular Hollywood actor James Franco has a new beloved. It became known that the actor is Dating Ashley Benson recently starred in the film "Spring break".The couple was spotted in Washington Square Park earlier this month, and on the days they walked together in Los Angeles. Moreover, young people holding hands and not leave each other.According to sources from their environment, James and Ashley are perfect for each other. That's why their relationship is rapidly developing. James has previously spoken about his desire to settle down, raise a family and become a father.The actor said that he has many flaws. James stressed that this also applies to his work. He often overload themselves, and this leads to emotional devastation.James says he will stand for some time such a schedule, however, after a couple years he wants to have a family - wife and children. It's possible that the new girlfriend of actor will help him to realize his plans. However, while they both are in no hurry to comment on their relationship, preferring to keep them secret. Source: James Franco has a new girlfriend.

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