Jennifer Lopez went through Moscow in a tracksuit

Jennifer Lopez went through Moscow in a tracksuitPopular Latin American singer Jennifer Lopez spent the weekend in Moscow, giving two amazing concerts. The actress showed numerous fans an intimate, deeply personal video with their children and without complexes paraded through the capital in a sports suit and a funny hat.Last weekend, the 10th and 11th of November, Jennifer Lopez gave two concerts in Moscow. Performances were held in the framework of her concert tour Dance Again and gathered several thousand fans of the Latin American beauty from all over Russia.The singer arrived in the capital a few days before the concerts on a private airliner. She was accompanied by the security guards, staff and lover Casper Smart. The artist chose to Moscow leopard print coat, boots, heels and wide-brimmed black hat. Settled performer in one of the most luxurious hotels of the capital of the Ararat Park Hyatt.Interestingly, the next day, the journalists managed to shoot Jennifer in a very strange for the November Moscow. The singer was pacing next to her boyfriend in a grey tracksuit and a funny hat with a pompom. Many photographers, literally saducee the hotel in anticipation of overseas celebrities were rewarded with a rather unusual form of a star.However, during his Grand show Jennifer Lopez looked gorgeous. The actress went through a few outfits, incendiary danced and sang at the same time, and even uneven breathing, which occasionally could be heard through the microphone, could not spoil ecstatic mood of many fans of the singer.Jennifer was pleasantly surprised by the fans, suddenly showing a touching video in which she appears not a Megastar, and an ordinary mom. Singer sports with his children, twins Emma and max. Under this video Lopez sang a heartfelt song dedicated to their child.By the way, the kids arrived in Moscow a little later on a flight from Miami. Emma and max met me at the airport the security guard Jennifer. The children were delighted bodyguard, and he in turn immediately gave them soft toys: cat - for Emma, and a boa - for max, Life News reported. Source: Jennifer Lopez went through Moscow in a tracksuit.

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