Broadway performance with Katie Holmes failed

Broadway performance with Katie Holmes failedA Broadway performance of "Blocked account" (Dead Accounts) with the actress Katie Holmes will be closed for a month and a half before the scheduled date.As reported in the ArtsBeat blog of The New York Times, the last time the staging of the play by American Theresa Rebec will show on 6 January, although it was originally planned that she will go until the end of February.The show decided to shoot due to the fact that he does not bring revenue. For the week ending December 23, performance has earned only 25 percent of the potential profits, which was expected, producers, - 243 thousands of dollars. In this case, as the newspaper notes, attendance at the performance is not affected even flow of tourists who visited new York before Christmas.Setting, a story about a girl called Lorna, who lives with his parents in Cincinnati, which is trying to recover from failed relationships and is constantly talking about diet elicited praise from critics and. The average rating of the show, which put Tony winner Jack O'brien, two and a half stars.The most successful pre-Christmas week on Broadway became the play "Cat on a hot tin roof" based on the play by Tennessee Williams with Scarlett Johansson in the lead role, which is only for the first seven days of the show, brought 843 thousand dollars, and a production of Glengarry Glen Ross" with al Pacino. Just as the sale of Broadway theatres for the week reached 25,85 million dollars, more than last year at $ 2.5 million. Source: Broadway performance with Katie Holmes failed.

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