Gleb `Strawberry` Pearl flew again from `Home-2`

Gleb `Strawberry` Pearl flew again from `Home-2`One of the most controversial participants "Houses-2" Gleb "Strawberry" Pearls once again left the project. Gleb can rightly be called a champion: the organizers of the show were expelled and returned it 5 times already.Initially it was reported that this time the leadership of the "House-2" have decided to part with Gleb "Strawberry" because of his drunken spree after the celebration of the birthday of a member of a reality Dasha Pynzar. However, after some time there is a new version that Hleb left the project, hiding from the police. It was reported that the guy had been drinking and had a fight with taxi drivers, severely beating one of them. The victim the next morning brought a statement to the police, and Pearls, meanwhile, had fled from Moscow in his native Vladivostok. It later emerged that this is not the whole truth. In the Internet appeared a letter in which Jane DOE says that the real reason for leaving the "Strawberry" has become even more serious crime. As the message, after the party, Hleb, taking advantage of the drunk state participating in the project the Adele Milovidova, raped her.The party, speaking of his exile, not give further details. Confirming only that the culprit was his drinking."Long live a sober lifestyle!!!! Friends, Hello! You already know that I have been asked to draft! And to answer your question why I was kicked out! again, booze and Tusa ruined me!!!!! today was coded, start a new life. everything will be cool!!!! do not succumb to the dubious pleasures and temptations, they spoil life!!!! Don't be hostage to their bad habits! long live the sober life!!! before the meeting:)," wrote Hleb in the social network. Source: Gleb "Strawberry" Pearls again flew out of the "House-2"".

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