Khabensky had to fight in the restaurant

Khabensky had to fight in the restaurantOne of the most popular contemporary actors Konstantin Khabensky now takes part in the filming of the picture about famous by Peter Leshchenko.Scripted by popular actor Konstantin Khabensky had to fight in one of the restaurants of Odessa. Initially, the artist offered to help the understudy, but Constantine chose all the tricks to do yourself."In the story during the war Leshchenko arrives in German-occupied Odessa. He is forced to address the invaders. After one of the shows he is asked to sing a song in German besides insulting his beloved, Leshchenko, without thinking, throws herself into a fight with German officers. The scene was very complicated, but Constantine perfectly coped with it, all the stunts performed on the five plus", - quote the film's Director Vladimir Kott "7 days". They say fights artist came out without a scratch. Interestingly, Konstantin Khabensky rarely gives comments on their roles. And nothing about the details of the personal life of the artist, journalists and even lost hope to understand anything.By the way, recently all the media had spread the news that Khabensky after the famous actor Alexei Serebryakov decided to emigrate. Ostensibly it was about America to pursue a career in Hollywood and more often to see his son.Then the numerous fans of Konstantin Khabensky were literally shocked by this news. It was reported that the actor decided to realize his talents in Hollywood. Behind Khabensky really have a particular Hollywood experience - he co-starred with brad pitt and Colin Firth in the film "World war Z", also played by Milla Jovovich in the Russian Comedy "Freaks". Besides, in America lives and works longtime friend of actor Timur Bekmambetov, which could make protection.And besides, the Khabensky in America, the lives of his four year old son Ivan, whose mother, the wife of Constantine, Anastasia, died in 2008 from a brain tumor. However, to leave the work in schools of acting for gifted children in several Russian regions Khabensky was not going. Supposedly he was planning to come to school for exams. Despite the fact that the artist, as usual, did not comment on this information, numerous colleagues of the actor denied the news, saying that it was nothing more than a rumor. Source: Khabensky had to fight in the restaurant.

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