The romantic story of Francis Matthew and the Lena Raskovoi

The romantic story of Francis Matthew and the Lena RaskovoiThe romantic story of Prince Francis Matthew and Ukrainian girls the Lena Raskovoi was a tale with a sad ending. After several months of living together the couple broke up. In the broadcast of "My truth" on STB protagonist of the show "the Bachelor 2" confessed why they and Lena are no longer together.According to Francis, the project Elena won his love that was open to all, shared his passion for extreme sports and travel. However, in real life the girl was quite different - she tried to change the Prince to make his "home". In the end, the joint life destroyed the romance, which was between the young people."Lena is a beautiful girl, but unfortunately, we can never be together" - sadly said Francis.Now Matthew Francis continues to search for himself, but continues to believe that one day you will meet your soulmate. Source: the Romantic story of Francis Matthew and the Lena Raskovoi.

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