Aronov insulted the son of Evelina Bledans (video)

Aronov insulted the son of Evelina Bledans (video)Popular actress Evelina Bledans outraged by the accusations of his colleagues on stage Maria Aronova, who said that children with down syndrome are potential murderers. Now Bledans is preparing a lawsuit to Aronova, accusing the libel.It all started with a program on one of Federal channels, which are the leading volunteer Tatiana Gubarev, a former member of the reality show "Dom-2" Alexander Kharitonov and renowned actress Maria Aronova. The topic of the program, specializing in the relationship between man and woman and family problems and broadcast in the format of a talk show, was about a woman whose daughter suffers from down syndrome. She brings up the baby and one is not able to give it to the specialists, so they showed her how to treat such a child.This circumstance, according to Aronova, resent because it is the only problem of this woman, no one else can help, including the state. Here to side with her "Sunny" child was present at a hall man, what Aronov rather harshly said to him: "You when the night get up and walk along the dark corridor, you not afraid that your 11-year-old child you will kill you or will give you over the head with a heavy iron? If you ever for a second understand what this disease is, this child, he is not responsible for their actions. This child can only work specialists, this baby can kill near.".

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