Erotic training Santa Dimopoulos

Erotic training Santa Dimopoulos Santa Dimopoulos, which has left at own will of the group "VIA Gra" just a month before its collapse, now fully dedicated himself to the sport. 25-year-old singer decided to participate in the world championship bodyfitness, which will be held in Bulgaria.While the rest of us, former soloist of "VIA gra" actively comment on the disintegration of the group, Santa together with her husband Andrew Samsonenko spends almost all the time in the gym. Coach Santa said "Z" that preparations for the FIFA takes about three months. Together with the training much attention is paid and a proper, balanced nutrition.- Use only natural products, all low-calorie, - told the "Z" personal trainer of the singer. She works like a machine. I never met a girl stronger than her.This is not the first championship of the Santa. Last year she won the title of world champion in bodybuilding in Thailand. Source: Erotic training Santa Dimopoulos (photo).

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