Maxim Matveev and Elizabeth boyar gave a joint interview

Maxim Matveev and Elizabeth boyar gave a joint interviewSpouses actors Maxim Matveev and Elizabeth boyar gave a joint interview. The artists told about the plans for the New year, Maxim admitted that one word Lisa takes off all his fear.Celebrities, despite his star status, there remain people who care about human issues and concerns. Especially when it comes to preparations for the New year. However, in a family of actors Maxim Matveev and Elizabeth Boyar already decided where to spend the upcoming holiday and what to give.Lisa admitted that for her Christmas mood is the feeling, the anticipation of the holiday. "I like the time when slowly begin to decorate the city and he gets a special kind, joyful and festive. When heavy snowfalls and the snow is slow and low. As the New year for me, of course, is associated with the house, and there I entirely unoriginal - it's a family holiday" - quoted by Lisa Boyarskaya HELLO!.The actress said: "For 26 years I have only once celebrated outside the home, but with the Maxim: we were in new York two years ago. From new York flew to the Caribbean - it was our honeymoon, though a bit late, because we got married in the summer. But this New year is an exception, but the real holiday is always our home, one and the same company, the same dishes, the same tree with the same toys from childhood. And now for the third time in a row we celebrate together with Maxim".Maxim Matveev has told: "for me the New year is always a new stage in life, and long before the holiday start to set yourself up for something good, light, and gradually the confidence that they will. And, it seems, people become kinder, and the only problem that all concerned, - what kind of gifts to choose".However, in a family of artists with a selection of problems no gifts. Due to the fact that both don't like surprises, Lisa and Maxim negotiate in advance Christmas gift. "Yes, and we have to ask who he would like to receive as a gift, I support this tradition entirely and even try to recommend it to friends and family before the holiday is often panic, not knowing what to give," said Matveyev.According to the actor, he programs himself to happiness: "I am absolutely sure that a person gets from life what he himself sets up. I always strove for harmony - internal, external, and thoughts are material, and the longer I live, the more convinced of this. I'm not allowed to be negative towards the people, to reality. I think it's very easy and natural for humans, but for some reason people have forgotten about it. And I like to smile. Besides, I know that with me no matter what happens, I'll come home and one word Lisa as a hand will remove all fear, all internal tremor".I wonder what Lisa herself does not know what the word is: "I want to believe that I feel very good Maxim, his mood, his sadness or fatigue. But unlike the maxima I'm programming myself to happiness is not capable of. I'm afraid anything guessing. I can only pray about it and ask that everything was as we wanted. Source: Maxim Matveev and Elizabeth boyar gave a joint interview.

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