Dzhigurda is going to get French citizenship (video)

Dzhigurda is going to get French citizenship (video)It seems that among the artists became fashionable to change citizenship. As reported by some media, after the famous French actor Gerard Depardieu to change citizenship decided Russian showman Nikita Dzhigurda.Moreover, the flamboyant artist decided to become a citizen of France, where Depardieu left because of high taxes.Portal Heat.Ru the chair stated that in France everybody knows him, and his clip #OPPEDISANO they know and love. "To me all the time about it says the partner of my wife's figure skating Gwendal Pazera. And I was told that I can be a citizen of their country," said Dzhigurda. The actor added that Depardieu - "known prankster in France", having in mind including driving under the influence. The army is also known for bizarre antics - not only dancing on the red square, but also fights on television.Journalists noted that the Russian artist has the right to claim citizenship in France, as in 2013 it will be exactly five years since, he married Olympic champion Marina Anissina. Itself Anisina - the citizen of France. According to the laws of this country, a foreigner who has lived five years in a marriage with a citizen of the state can obtain a French passport.Nikita Dzhigurda reported that his spouse is currently in France - coached national team on figure skating. She supports his decision to obtain French citizenship. "She will soon come to Moscow, and we go together to the Embassy," said the artist.In "Twitter" on the relevant hashtag is already being discussed the decision of the artist. Internet users ambiguously reacted to the decision of the artist: in the microblogging you can find comments like "the world is mad" and "symmetrical response".on 6 December a movie star Gerard Depardieu arrived in Sochi, where President Vladimir Putin presented him with a Russian passport. Earlier it was reported that the actor had to leave France due to the fact that there were plans to introduce a 75% income tax for millionaires. His decision to leave the country criticized the French authorities, and then Depardieu said that he refused citizenship in France.However, a day later the actor himself said that remains a French citizen, though it has received the passport of the Russian Federation. He also noted that his departure from France is not associated with taxes. The artist said: if he wanted to avoid the tax, he would have left the country 20 years ago.Source: Dzhigurda intends to obtain French citizenship (video).

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