The award MUZ-TV 2013: reloaded

The award MUZ-TV 2013: reloaded7 June in SC "Olympic" was held the most important musical event of the year "Award of MUZ-TV 2013. Reboot". The best singer and performer of the year were recognized Dima Bilan and Ani Lorak, special awards were given to Vladimir Pozner, Zhanna Aguzarova and South Korean rapper PSY.Like any great event the world level, "MUZ-TV 2013. The restart began with a carpet, on which numerous camera flashes and screaming fans walked the brightest representatives of show business. Led carpet - sparkling Maxim Galkin and dazzling Lera Kudryavtseva. In addition, the "MUZ-TV" in 2013 has become the trend and tech: right on the carpet created a whole interactive Instagram-zone, in which worked for a leading Award Yana Churikova. For the first time everything that happens on the red carpet was broadcast online to popular social networking channel "MUZ-TV" and "Yu". The winners on the greatest number of "likes" steel Nyusha with a new hairdo, rolling in the fiery strands and Polina Gagarina in stylish and equally bright evening dress. But the favorites of the track, of course, were: Jeanne Aguzarova in "the Martian", Anna Sedokova in an incredibly skimpy dress even for myself, Natasha and Lyudmila Ivanovna Queen, which appeared in the extravagant hats in the form of cherries and burgers, a new passion Timothy to dress like Jennifer Lopez, as well as Alla Borisovna Pugacheva in a biker outfit, hit all my harmony.Ceremony of delivery of musical awards began with a speech by Ukrainian English band the Hardkiss, appeared before the audience on a giant bulk head. Then the show continued with a performance by max Korzh in a red racing car simply the built-in stage scenery that the audience in the hall was able to get their share of adrenaline. Polina Gagarina during the speech managed to transform into a beautiful mermaid: the singer suddenly disappeared from the scene, was inside the underwater world. Room Valery Meladze and Vakhtang consisted of a huge luminous cubes, placed the letter "X", where dancing girls in red extravagant wigs. No less striking were the numbers glowing in the rays of Sergey Lazarev and then Ani Lorak, which literally multiplied by the stage. Dima Bilan along with the audience were in space and traveled to a distant planet, and during the performance of the Trees played the whole orchestra saxophonist whose heads periodically disappeared, turning into a lighted lamp. One of the most memorable was the number of NYSE: singer literally flew up to the dome "Olympic" along with the piano, and in the end even swallowed dancer. Katie Topuria during a performance with the band A-Studio was on the side of the huge rock. Zhanna Aguzarova turned to friends "Martians" and invited everyone to their concerts, not forgetting to mention that tickets had sold out. Ivan Dorn surprised, appearing on stage in a special laser suit: at this point the whole room lit up with numerous emerald rays. The guest of the Ceremony also became a British artist Craig David, who presented the plate in one of the most important categories "Best performer". Impressed by the magnitude of what is happening, foreign singer even performed "a Cappella". And, of course, the most anticipated was the special guest performance of the Award - South Korean rapper PSY. Under his famous Gangnam Style and Gentleman danced the whole "Olympic", including Alla Pugacheva.Leading Premium Lera Kudryavtseva, Maxim Galkin and Yana Churikova this year nontraditional located in different parts of the scene. Roma Acorn was glowing cube in the stands under the roof of "Olympic". One of the main features of the reboot of "MUZ-TV 2013" became a living sound. For the first time all the artists Award made "live"! Alternatively, the Rebooting of "MUZ-TV" represented a Grand experiment, based on completely new 3d-mapping technology, which for the first time on this scale have been realized in Russia. Has completely changed the concept of the Award, which this year was focused on the experience of the best world Ceremonies. Incredible volumeѐMNA the stage design, consisting of mapping sets and cubic structures, striking the imagination of a huge light and video installations, complex special effects world class."MUZ-TV" has once again demonstrated its scale and global level. Crazy energy of the artists, it seems, broke even through the TV screens.Best performer: Dima BilanBest performer: Ani LorakBest song: lady Gaga - "Memories".

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