The Coen brothers will write the screenplay for the film `Unbroken`

The Coen brothers will write the screenplay for the film `Unbroken`Brothers Joel and Ethan Coen will write the screenplay for the film "Unbroken" (Unbroken), which will be the second directorial work of Angelina Jolie, reported on 25 February Slashfilm.The film "Unbroken" - a film adaptation of the book by Laura Hillenbrand, the full name of which sounds like "Unbroken: a Story of survival, resilience and redemption during the Second world war" ("Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption").Universal Pictures bought the film rights to the book "Unbroken" in 2011. It was assumed that the Director of the film will be Francis Lawrence ("I am legend, Water for elephants"). In December 2012, however, it became known that the production of the film will be engaged Jolie, the asset is only one Director's work - the film "In the land of blood and honey".Even before the appointment of a new Director screenwriters William Nicholson and Richard Lagravenese finished work on a draft of the script. Despite this Universal Pictures and Jolie attended to find someone who will take their place. After much deliberation, the choice fell on the Coen brothers, Slashfilm notes.The exact release date of the film "Unbroken" is unknown. It is not excluded, that it will happen in 2013.The Coen brothers have made by Directors and writers of many of his own films, including "the Big Lebowski," "true grit," "a Serious man", "Fargo" and "no country for Old men." Scenario work of the brothers has twice been awarded "Oscars": "Fargo" brothers received a statuette in the category "Best original screenplay", and for the painting of the "Old men here not a place" - in the category "Best adapted screenplay".The Hillenbrand book "Unbroken" is based on real events. The main character of the book - Olympic runner Louis Zamperini (Louis Zamperini), gained prominence in the second half of the 1930-ies. In 1941 he joined the ranks of the military air forces of the United States. During one of the operations, his plane crashed into the Pacific ocean. Zamperini, along with one surviving for 47 days drifting in the life raft. In the end the Americans were taken prisoner by the Japanese and remained a prisoner until the end of the Second world war. Source: the Coen Brothers will write the screenplay for the film "Unbroken"".

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