Two dogs Elizabeth Hurley was poisoned by unknown

Two dogs Elizabeth Hurley was poisoned by unknownFamous English actress and model Elizabeth Hurley hit the most painful spot. Two dogs actress was poisoned by unknown. In the inner circle Liz assume that the reason for such ruthless crimes could become the envy.Now public and private life of the actress and model Elizabeth Hurley has the key. She not only continues to participate in various television projects, but also successfully builds relationships with cricketer Shane Warne as. However, the well-being of the actress someone clearly doesn't like.The other day Elizabeth Hurley, known for his love of dogs, in particular, for Labradors, left four of their four-legged Pets in the home, in an estate in Gloucestershire, and she went to her lover to Australia. However, the English actress stopped terrible news: two of her Pets someone poisoned. Читать полностью -->

On 72-m to year of life died a famous actor Valery Zolotukhin

On 72-m to year of life died a famous actor Valery ZolotukhinOn Saturday morning the 30th of March 2013 died a famous Russian actor Valery Zolotukhin. He did not live only a few months before his 72nd anniversary. Not so long ago he was found to have inoperable brain cancer and recently, after deteriorating health, he was in the premises of the Institute of radiology. Due to deteriorating health he gave up the post of head of the Taganka theater. Since 2003, Valery Zolotukhin was the head of the Barnaul State youth theatre. In the room of this theatre and will be held Thursday, April 4, civil funeral, and on Friday 5 April will be held the funeral in his native village of actor Quick Source. Читать полностью -->

Jennifer Lopez came under fire during the interview

Jennifer Lopez came under fire during the interviewJournalist Rob Marciano said that he agreed to do an interview with Latin pop star Jennifer Lopez. He said that during the conversation with the actress was totally unexpected event. Out of nowhere a man ran and opened fire in their direction. Jennifer did not understand what she is in danger. Journalist helped the actress and singer to avoid the tragic outcome of the treacherous attack. Out of ammo, but so anybody and not hitting, the assailant fled. Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan strongly recovered

Lindsay Lohan strongly recovered Controversial American actress Lindsay Lohan continues to shock the public with their appearance.The star, who recently dyed her hair bright red color and once again increased lips, appeared at the airport in Los Angeles with tears in his eyes. In addition to the crying type, American paparazzi noted tired swollen face, and also added that the star gained a lot of weight.Recall that Lindsay Lohan continues to be plagued by injuries - most recently, she was accused that she steals clothes from the shooting of films, live broadcast of the American television show revealed that she has a sister (illegitimate daughter of her father Michael Lohan - approx. edition), and her new film "Liz and dick" where she played the legendary Elizabeth Taylor, criticized the critics, calling the game Actresses "school performance". Source: Lindsay Lohan strongly recovered (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

Co-produced `VIA gra` Dmitry Kostyuk will announce the casting for the group

Co-produced `VIA gra` Dmitry Kostyuk will announce the casting for the groupDmitry Kostyuk, who stood at the origins of "VIA gra", surprised by the statement of Konstantin Meladze about the collapse of the collective. Dmitri owns the rights to the brand "VIA Gra", and stop working with the group he's not going.However, in the future, "VIA Gra" will exist in the new structure."To announce the closure of "VIA gra", as far as I know, was planned after the New year, - said Dmitry Kostyuk edition of Showbiz Life. - Originally there was only the news that Albina dzhanabaeva leaves the band, which I was very happy, by the way. Albina had to go into a solo voyage and movies".Statement by Konstantin Meladze Dmitry said hasty."I just think that Kostya did not do it accidentally. The thing is that now he will participate in a new reality show on NTV, and this is a good reason to show you think your life! The essence of the show is that they also will gain girls. This vocal show. Читать полностью -->

The rock Opera `Jesus Christ superstar` was sold out

The rock Opera `Jesus Christ superstar` was sold outFamous rock-Opera "Jesus Christ superstar", the show tried to ban in Rostov-on-don, drew a full house and passed without incident, reports RIA "Novosti" with reference to Deputy Director of the Rostov regional Philharmonic Svetlana Gabino."Yesterday (Thursday) the performance took place. The hall was sold out: tickets were sold even on step ladders chairs", " she said, adding that the musical has been performed in Rostov once, and artists had already gone down the route of the tour. Incidents during the Opera was not.We will remind, at the end of September to the Philharmonic and regional Prosecutor's office received letters from groups of believers (18 people) to ban the showing of the Opera, which allegedly contradicts the spirit of Christianity and hurt the religious rights of citizens. On this appeal was organized investigation.Thus don Archdiocese expressed "genuine surprise" by the appeal to Prosecutor's office and the scale on which it claims". In the Church believe that the opinion of private individuals may not Express the opinion of all Orthodox Christians. The attitude to the Opera, according to the diocese, within the Church never was unequivocal: "someone she could not love, and someone through it, found his way to the temple." In any case, in their opinion, "it is a platform for art historical, theological and literary discussions, and not the subject of the ban and prosecutorial proceedings.". Читать полностью -->

Megan Fox gave birth to a son

Megan Fox gave birth to a sonThe star couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin green son was born. It happened in late September, but only now the actress reported this to his fans on his page on the social network Facebook."I gave birth to her son Noah Shannon green on September 27. He is healthy, happy and beautiful... I will always thank the Lord for giving me such infinite and immaculate love," wrote the star of "Transformers".This is the first child 26-year-old Fox. Her husband, with whom they were married in 2010, has a child from his first marriage. Megan Fox and Brian Austin green started Dating in 2004 and since then never left.Actress and model Megan Fox began her acting career in 2001. Читать полностью -->

Hope meyher told about the relationship with Michael Urzhumtsev

Hope meyher told about the relationship with Michael UrzhumtsevAbout the relations with the civil husband Michael Urzhumtsev, parenting and friendship - in an exclusive interview for Viva! the singer and TV presenter Hopes Meyher."In my life, a real man - Michael. Thanks to him I feel a real woman and infinitely loving mother," said Hope meyher magazine Viva!To be strong and independent is something that has always been the Hope of the best. But loved one has changed her Outlook on life."In General, of course, be an independent person - it's cool. You're not dependent on anyone, you take decisions himself responsible for their actions. But sometimes I was taking so much that I had to waste precious time on the way out of this situation. Now I often consult with Misha and talk to him about almost everything that applies to our General Affairs, and directly my," says the artist. Читать полностью -->

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