Maxim Matveev and Elizabeth boyar gave a joint interview

Maxim Matveev and Elizabeth boyar gave a joint interviewSpouses actors Maxim Matveev and Elizabeth boyar gave a joint interview. The artists told about the plans for the New year, Maxim admitted that one word Lisa takes off all his fear.Celebrities, despite his star status, there remain people who care about human issues and concerns. Especially when it comes to preparations for the New year. However, in a family of actors Maxim Matveev and Elizabeth Boyar already decided where to spend the upcoming holiday and what to give.Lisa admitted that for her Christmas mood is the feeling, the anticipation of the holiday. "I like the time when slowly begin to decorate the city and he gets a special kind, joyful and festive. When heavy snowfalls and the snow is slow and low. Читать полностью -->

Erotic training Santa Dimopoulos

Erotic training Santa Dimopoulos Santa Dimopoulos, which has left at own will of the group "VIA Gra" just a month before its collapse, now fully dedicated himself to the sport. 25-year-old singer decided to participate in the world championship bodyfitness, which will be held in Bulgaria.While the rest of us, former soloist of "VIA gra" actively comment on the disintegration of the group, Santa together with her husband Andrew Samsonenko spends almost all the time in the gym. Coach Santa said "Z" that preparations for the FIFA takes about three months. Together with the training much attention is paid and a proper, balanced nutrition.- Use only natural products, all low-calorie, - told the "Z" personal trainer of the singer. She works like a machine. I never met a girl stronger than her.This is not the first championship of the Santa. Читать полностью -->

Irina Allegrova gave a candid interview

Irina Allegrova gave a candid interview"Empress" Russian singer Irina Allegrova gave a candid interview. The actress spoke about retirement. While also revealed that the singer has lost the luxury apartments in Miami for allegedly helping her ex-husband get out of jail.Now Irina Allegrova is going through a bad time. Recently, the actress lost her mother, nearing the end of her farewell world tour. The singer admitted that he can no longer work with the strength and dedication as before."Most of the cities in all the countries saw me for the last time on stage. I can no longer like before I worked, in such amounts, with such returns. Читать полностью -->

Aronov insulted the son of Evelina Bledans (video)

Aronov insulted the son of Evelina Bledans (video)Popular actress Evelina Bledans outraged by the accusations of his colleagues on stage Maria Aronova, who said that children with down syndrome are potential murderers. Now Bledans is preparing a lawsuit to Aronova, accusing the libel.It all started with a program on one of Federal channels, which are the leading volunteer Tatiana Gubarev, a former member of the reality show "Dom-2" Alexander Kharitonov and renowned actress Maria Aronova. The topic of the program, specializing in the relationship between man and woman and family problems and broadcast in the format of a talk show, was about a woman whose daughter suffers from down syndrome. She brings up the baby and one is not able to give it to the specialists, so they showed her how to treat such a child.This circumstance, according to Aronova, resent because it is the only problem of this woman, no one else can help, including the state. Here to side with her "Sunny" child was present at a hall man, what Aronov rather harshly said to him: "You when the night get up and walk along the dark corridor, you not afraid that your 11-year-old child you will kill you or will give you over the head with a heavy iron? If you ever for a second understand what this disease is, this child, he is not responsible for their actions. This child can only work specialists, this baby can kill near.". Читать полностью -->

Kelly Osbourne appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine Body

Kelly Osbourne appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine Body Famous British actress and singer Kelly Osbourne starred in a new photo shoot for gloss.28-year-old star has long been criticized for the extra pounds, appeared on the cover of the January issue of Cosmopolitan Body in bikini showing sexy slim figure.In an interview with a fashionable gloss Kelly talked about how she managed to lose weight and become the owner of a toned sexy figure:"People think that I became a skinny girl with sexy forms and it's made me happier," says the star, " But it's not. First I learned to love myself for who I am. Losing weight is very hard work. I decided to lose weight for yourself and your health, for I have learned to respect my body and love it".In addition, Kelly admitted that going to the gym became torture for her:"I won't lie - sport is not fun," she says, " It is very hard work, which, moreover, does not give instant results in order to see the result of diligent practice have long to work... During training I feel terrible, but after that - proud of myself!". Source: Kelly Osbourne appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine Body (photo). Читать полностью -->

The romantic story of Francis Matthew and the Lena Raskovoi

The romantic story of Francis Matthew and the Lena RaskovoiThe romantic story of Prince Francis Matthew and Ukrainian girls the Lena Raskovoi was a tale with a sad ending. After several months of living together the couple broke up. In the broadcast of "My truth" on STB protagonist of the show "the Bachelor 2" confessed why they and Lena are no longer together.According to Francis, the project Elena won his love that was open to all, shared his passion for extreme sports and travel. However, in real life the girl was quite different - she tried to change the Prince to make his "home". In the end, the joint life destroyed the romance, which was between the young people."Lena is a beautiful girl, but unfortunately, we can never be together" - sadly said Francis.Now Matthew Francis continues to search for himself, but continues to believe that one day you will meet your soulmate. Source: the Romantic story of Francis Matthew and the Lena Raskovoi. Читать полностью -->

Khabensky had to fight in the restaurant

Khabensky had to fight in the restaurantOne of the most popular contemporary actors Konstantin Khabensky now takes part in the filming of the picture about famous by Peter Leshchenko.Scripted by popular actor Konstantin Khabensky had to fight in one of the restaurants of Odessa. Initially, the artist offered to help the understudy, but Constantine chose all the tricks to do yourself."In the story during the war Leshchenko arrives in German-occupied Odessa. He is forced to address the invaders. After one of the shows he is asked to sing a song in German besides insulting his beloved, Leshchenko, without thinking, throws herself into a fight with German officers. The scene was very complicated, but Constantine perfectly coped with it, all the stunts performed on the five plus", - quote the film's Director Vladimir Kott "7 days". They say fights artist came out without a scratch. Читать полностью -->

Nicolas cage will star in the independent Thriller `Tokarev`

Nicolas cage will star in the independent Thriller `Tokarev`American actor Nicolas cage will star in the independent Thriller "Tokarev," which will be created at the Studio "Hannibal Classics. Director of the film will be the Spaniard Paco Cabezas (Neon flesh", "the Invasion shemale"). About it reports Variety.Cage will play a former gangster Paul Maguire, who goes looking for his kidnapped by the Russian mafia daughters. The film, obviously, is named in honor of the gun "TT ("Tula, Tokarev"). The actor in the film, invited himself Cabezas, believing that the script by Jim Agnew ("Gialla", "Game of death") and Sean Keller ("Gialla", "Monster of the deep") is ideal for Nicholas. "It is a thing that can best show the talent of cage - says the Director. Читать полностью -->

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