Gosha Kutsenko has admitted that neighbours had turned his life into hell

Gosha Kutsenko has admitted that neighbours had turned his life into hellRussian actor Gosha Kutsenko has admitted that neighbours had turned his life into hell for repairs in the apartment, which does not come to a logical end.As told Gosha Kutsenko, his neighbors back in August 2012 began repairs, which never ended until now. So now Kutsenko, who go to bed quite late, wakes up at nine o'clock in the morning in this hell.Gosh complained about neighbours in his blog, but his fans said that he was lucky, sometimes worse.We will remind, in the end of last year Gosha Kutsenko lost his mom. Svetlana could not recover after a complicated surgery, which she underwent in 2010. For Kutsenko mom has always been the authority, and after her death, he completely changed his views on life. Source: Gosha Kutsenko has admitted that neighbours had turned his life into hell. . Читать полностью -->

The seventh episode of `Star wars` will be released in 2015

The seventh episode of `Star wars` will be released in 2015The Walt Disney company will release the seventh episode of the science-fiction Saga "Star wars" in 2015. This was reported in the official press release.An appropriate announcement was made immediately after it was announced the acquisition of the George Lucas-owned LucasFilm. The amount of the transaction amounted to 4.05 billion dollars. Himself Lucas will be one of the largest shareholders of Walt Disney. Under the agreement, it will own about 40 million shares of the company.Head of LucasFilm will be Kathleen Kennedy, the producer of the new trilogy of "Star wars." George Lucas will oversee the project as a consultant. Source: the Seventh episode of "Star wars" will be released in 2015. Читать полностью -->

Leonardo DiCaprio has decided to quit movies

Leonardo DiCaprio has decided to quit moviesThis is perhaps the worst news for the fans of good Hollywood movies. Leonardo DiCaprio is considered one of the most talented, successful and profitable actors of our time, on account of which no one failed movie.However, starring in three large-scale films ("Django unchained", "the Great Gatsby" and "the Wolf of wall Street"), the actor is so tired that he decided to leave the movie indefinitely. About this 38-year-old Leo said in an interview with German tabloid Bild:"I was almost depleted, because you're going to do a long-long pause in the work. I starred in three films in two years and slightly "worn out," said the actor.". . . Читать полностью -->

Penelope lives will become a bond girl

Penelope lives will become a bond girlThere are more different information about the next James bond film. Most recently, Sam Mendes spoke about his intentions to return to this project, and recently cineport TotalFilm published news with castling. In the next film company, 007 Daniel Craig (starring in "Casino Royale") will be Penelope Cruz.However, there is no exact information what will be the role of the actress, but the portal РЈahoo! Movies writes Penelope Cruz signed a contract for the role of bond girl. If the information is correct, then Penelope will become the oldest companion of the bond for the entire history of James bond. In 2014 Penelope lives will celebrate its 40th anniversary, just before the start of filming.I must say that Daniel Craig no longer a teen, the actor is 45 years, in spite of this he remains a sex symbol of Albion.Interesting fact - the husband of Penelope Kruus - Javier Bardem played the role of villain Silva's last bond film.Shooting will begin in summer 2014 short years. The release is scheduled for 2016. Читать полностью -->

James Franco has a new girlfriend

James Franco has a new girlfriendThe popular Hollywood actor James Franco has a new beloved. It became known that the actor is Dating Ashley Benson recently starred in the film "Spring break".The couple was spotted in Washington Square Park earlier this month, and on the days they walked together in Los Angeles. Moreover, young people holding hands and not leave each other.According to sources from their environment, James and Ashley are perfect for each other. That's why their relationship is rapidly developing. James has previously spoken about his desire to settle down, raise a family and become a father.The actor said that he has many flaws. James stressed that this also applies to his work. Читать полностью -->

In malmö was the opening of Eurovision song contest 2013

In malmГ¶ was the opening of Eurovision song contest 2013So, on may 12, 2013 was the start of the next competition of the Eurovision 2013. Last year in Baku the right to host the competition at home won Swedish beauty Lauryn.In front of the city Opera house in malmГ¶ was laid a red carpet on which delegations marched 39 participating countries. Each delegation tried to leave a vivid impression, in short, the contest has already begun. Especially notable was the Finns who barely managed to drive off the road.A furor was made by the representative of the UK, Bonnie Tyler. She admitted that she likes singer from Germany and Russia, and her voice, if she had the chance, she would give Dina Garipova.Great impression on the audience made the emergence of the Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich with giant Igor Vovkovinskiy. The growth of this man, who will take the stage together with the Ukrainian singer is, attention, two meters thirty-four centimeters.Dina Garipova came out in a dress that was made for her by designer role and Regalini, wife of the brother of Dina, whose name is Dmitry. Читать полностью -->

The Bolshoi theatre has accused Tsiskaridze in the intrigues

The Bolshoi theatre has accused Tsiskaridze in the intriguesBallet dancer and teacher Nikolai Tsiskaridze continues to fight for the position of General Director of the Bolshoi theatre. As reported "Interfax", said the press service of the Bolshoi theatre.A press-the Secretary of theatre Katerina Novikova said that now for the theater it is obvious that the story of the letter - part of the struggle of the artist for the post of Director. She also expressed regret that because of this discredited the reputation and image of the Bolshoi theatre.In the Bolshoi theatre gave the first formal evaluation of the appearance of a letter in support Tsiskaridze, written in the name of Vladimir Putin's 12 cultural figures. It said that the theater needed change that must begin with a change of the General Director Anatoly Iksanova at the end of this year. In its place was proposed to appoint Nikolai Tsiskaridze.The letter, which became known on November 9, was signed by Director mark Zakharov, Opera singer Elena Obraztsova, Vladimir Andreev, coach Irina Viner, Director Galina Volchek, teacher of the Bolshoi theatre Yury Vladimirov, choreographer Mikhail Lavrovsky, ballerina Maria Leonova, tenor Zurab Sotkilava, Director Oleg Tabakov, actors Alisa Freundlich and Gennady Khazanov.The media learned about the existence of the letter after the Ministry of culture has officially extended his contract with Anatoly Iksanov until the end of 2014. The letter aroused the indignation of a number of cultural figures, including former Minister of culture Mikhail Shvydkoi, who first wrote about it in his blog on the website of "echo of Moscow".Some of the signatories, including tobacco and Khazanov, stated that only wanted to support Tsiskaridze, thinking that the new one will be incompetent Director, and not to be dismissed Iksanova. Читать полностью -->

Died a famous Director of animated cartoons Alexander Davydov

Died a famous Director of animated cartoons Alexander DavydovRussian Director of animated films Alexander Davydov died on 76-m to year of life in Moscow on Tuesday. This was reported on the Association of animated film.Alexander Davydov was born in Moscow on January 25, 1937. In 1958 he graduated from the courses of artists-animators at the Studio "Soyuzmultfilm". In 1959 he participated in the work on the animated film "it might rain".As a Director Davydov debuted in 1980, removing the series is known for the almanac "Merry-go-round". He participated in the creation of almost 100 cartoons, the most famous of which became the famous story about the parrot Kesha. In particular, for the painting "the Return of the prodigal parrot" Davydov was awarded in 1987 the award "Nika", reports RIA Novosti. Читать полностью -->

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