Boris Moiseev surprised by the drastic change in the image

Boris Moiseev surprised by the drastic change in the image The singer shocked his many fans another radical change of image.The singer, who underwent a year ago, a stroke decided that the time to move away from the flamboyant style and give your outfit a serious look. Boris changed his haircut and grew a mustache and beard.I must admit that the new way is incredibly changed the artist. In addition, we must admit that white beard-goatee very good fit. Now we're waiting on a new image mosaic will react to his numerous fans. And it's interesting, the changes touch only its appearance, or affect his repertoire. Source: Boris Moiseev surprised by the drastic change in the image (photo). Читать полностью -->

Naomi Campbell graced the cover of Vogue (video)

Naomi Campbell graced the cover of Vogue (video)"Black Panther" Naomi Campbell graced the cover of the new issue of Vogue magazine.British supermodel appeared on the cover of the February issue of the Italian "Bible of fashion".Naomi appeared on the cover of a gloss with the title "woman" in a short wig, black leather gloves and a light top brown. The author of the photo shoot with top model has become a fashion photographer Steven Meisel. Source: Naomi Campbell graced the cover of Vogue (video). . . . Читать полностью -->

Singer Kylie Minogue has decided to leave the stage

Singer Kylie Minogue has decided to leave the stageAustralian singer Kylie Minogue, who received worldwide recognition in the 80-ies, decided to leave the stage and devote himself to cinema. This was announced by her Manager, with whom she has collaborated since the beginning of his artistic career.The foreign press is literally on the ears at the news that "Thumbelina" Kylie Minogue (so called singer for miniaturization) leaves the stage. They say that the actress has split from her longtime Manager Terry Blume, with whom he collaborated throughout his career, and it nearly 25 years.It is interesting that, despite the deathly silence from Kylie Minogue, myself Terry Blume confirmed this information. "Kylie has decided to step away from music and to devote more time to herself and her acting career. This does not mean that she'll stop playing forever, it just makes a little break", - quotes the former Manager of the 44-year-old singer StarHit.Earlier it was reported that Minogue was planning to leave the musical Olympus in September last year, in the midst of the tour, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of her work. Supposedly Kylie decided to take a break, reports IA "Rosbalt".As reminds Agency, Kylie Minogue first became known to the public thanks to movie roles. Читать полностью -->

Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell spent the weekend on a yacht

Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell spent the weekend on a yacht Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio spent last weekend with supermodel Naomi Campbell on a yacht in Miami.The paparazzi took a picture of the actor in "black Panther" on a luxury yacht. It is noteworthy that new lover Leo preferred the company of his mother Irmelin, which is also vacationing on a yacht with his son and his finest friend Naomi.Recall that the famous actor has officially announced that it plans to take a long vacation and some time away from the cinema:"I want to make a long break," says Leo, " I starred in two scenes in just two years, and just tired. I want to travel the world and entertain - that's all I intend to do in the near future." Source: Leonardo DiCaprio and Naomi Campbell spent the weekend on a yacht (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

Best kisses of celebrity

Best kisses of celebrity The stars are not tired to please fans as their creativity and intimate details of private life, for them after all, watching with interest the whole planet.Today the attention of our readers - photos best-kissing celebrity. Although celebrities are hiding their personal lives, the paparazzi are not asleep! Source: Best kisses of celebrity (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Basharov framed Semenovich, not arriving at the celebration

Basharov framed Semenovich, not arriving at the celebrationPresentation of popular singer Anna Semenovich didn't go as planned. Not only that, for the premiere of the new song singer came famous actor Marat Basharov, who played a major role in the music video for the eponymous song artist and Alexander Rybak ignored festive evening.In the end, upset Semenovich flatly refused to pose for photographers with their own parents.The other day in one of the capital's institutions was held a presentation of a new song Anna Semenovich, the main role in the clip played Marat Basharov. However, despite the fact that the actor was supposed to attend the event, Basharova so anybody on the presentation and not seen.Numerous journalists who gathered for the ceremony, Mr Sobyanin explained that Basharova performance. According to "Moskovsky Komsomolets", clip "Love in the sky" with the participation of well-known and many favorite actor, claimed to be "the bomb". However, as noted by many journalists, recently the unfolding scandal with Basharov only tarnished the reputation Semenovich and her new offspring.We will remind, the other day the magistrate of the Arbat district for 20 months was deprived of the right to drive vehicles Marat Basharova, stopped on October 11 Novy Arbat capital's traffic police for driving under the influence. However, this was not only a popular actor. Читать полностью -->

Kristen Stewart flashed her panties

Kristen Stewart flashed her pantiesOn the eve of the Los Angeles premiere of the final part of the franchise "Twilight". The female lead Kristen Stewart shocked many fans and journalists, appearing on the red carpet in almost transparent flesh-colored dress.Yesterday, November 12, at the Los Angeles premiere of the last part of the franchise about vampires - the Twilight Saga. Saga. Dawn: Part 2", held at the Nokia Theatre. The event gathered not only almost the entire star cast of the film, which recently began to like the series, but many fans of the picture and journalists with cameras at the ready.And Kristen Stewart with Robert Pattinson, who played the main roles in the film, does not disappoint with the effect. Not only that, they arrived towards the end, his late plenty thrashed all nerves, but also looked quite like a happy, loving couple. Читать полностью -->

Kate Middleton is preparing new spicy photos

Kate Middleton is preparing new spicy photosKate Middleton and her husband, Britain's Prince William has arranged his vacation on the island of millionaires" Mustique in the Caribbean.Despite the fact that this piece of land is considered to be one of the most protected places from the press, landing paparazzi have already landed on the coveted island in anticipation of a new portion of juicy pictures of the Duchess Catherine.Kate Middleton, who is now, according to representatives of the media, is experiencing the second trimester of pregnancy, so relieved after severe morning sickness that she found the strength to make the eight-hour flight to Barbados, and thence to the island of Mustique. It as a place for long-awaited vacation has been chosen by Duchess Catherine and Prince William.The Royal couple stayed at the luxurious Villa, the residence in which cost 30 thousand dollars a week. The Villa, which is a huge pool, with picturesque views of the Caribbean sea. Together with William and Kate on the island resting Duchess of Cambridge's parents, Michael Middleton and Carole goldsmith, ITAR-TASS reported.Note that the Mustique called the island of millionaires. This is because there can afford to relax only very wealthy people. In fact, here are the most expensive villas, the most elite restaurants, the star society and, most importantly, the highest level of protection from interference in private life, reports StarHit. Читать полностью -->

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