Angelina Jolie lost their Breasts

Angelina Jolie lost their BreastsAngelina Jolie told reporters that the purpose of the prevention of breast cancer she had to undergo a series of operations, which was removed two Breasts (mammary glands).Recent analyses Angelina Jolie has shown that the risk of breast cancer at the famous actress rose to 87 percent. For this reason, was made the difficult decision to undergo a surgical intervention.Now her family and many foster children can be calm for her health, my mother from cancer when they lose. Angelina admitted that the shape of the breast e recovered plastic surgeons with the help of implants.All that heavy for the actress of the time was supporting her husband Brad pitt, who helped to maintain optimism during difficult operations.American film star wants to show the example for many women around the world that they have a way out. For this reason, she did not hide the fact of the operation, as many women can have a chance at survival thanks to her example.Angelina Jolie recalled that she had a hereditary predisposition to breast cancer. Her mom died from this terrible disease at the age of 56 in 2007. Source: Angelina Jolie lost their Breasts. Читать полностью -->

Famous radio host in new York committed suicide

Famous radio host in new York committed suicideLongtime couple leading the transfer of "the pursuit of happyness" John Littig and Lynn Rosen committed suicide using plastic bags with helium.Their bodies (45 Lynn Rosen and 47 year old John Littig) were found in bed in their apartment. The couple lived in Brooklyn in the same house for over 20 years. Found the bodies of neighbors who live on the floor below, because blood stains began to appear through the ceiling.As reported by Russia Today, both the deceased left a suicide note. Lynn Rosen in his note said that he and John go from a life on their own and mutual consent. John Littig apologized to the parents of his companion and also wrote that he lacks the strength to watch her suffer.The reasons for this tragedy are now being investigated. There is evidence that Lynn Rosen had mental problems.Although these radio hosts helped listeners in problems with depression and in life situations. Читать полностью -->

Real or artificial bust celebrities

Real or artificial bust celebrities For anybody not a secret that celebrities are frequent guests plastic surgeons.As ascending and famous celebrities have resorted to the services of plastic surgeons to improve their appearance. The most popular plastic surgery among celebrities, of course, is breast augmentation.In the pursuit of popularity of the celebrities go under the knife of the surgeon - some of them in a quest to become the perfect disfigure your face and body, however, there are those who, with the help of plastic surgery only corrects the natural beauty, emphasizing the dignity.We offer our readers rank the best natural operations of celebrities for breast augmentation. Looking at the bust of some famous ladies below, sometimes in doubt, and begs the question: Real or artificial?".Legendary style icon Victoria Beckham has never denied that visited your operating plastic surgeon. In 2005 in the hands of journalists were documents that testified that the singer and fashion designer has spent a lot of money on breast enlargement. Not notice changes in the bust of the stars was almost impossible! However, in 2009, Victoria has decided to adjust its silicone breast... to reduce it!Natalie PortmanHollywood beauty was never the owner of magnificent forms. Читать полностью -->

Richard Gere managed not to see Robert Pattinson

Richard Gere managed not to see Robert PattinsonPopular Hollywood actor with the role of Lothario Richard Gere managed not to learn on a secular reception the star of the movie "Twilight" and the darling of teenage girls around the world Robert Pattinson. Only spouse Gere recognized Pattinson and stated that he believes it is very nice.The other day Richard Gere was embarrassed on one of the social events, thereby demonstrating that the world hysteria about the franchise "Twilight" was clearly past him. It turned out the actor didn't recognize the star of the movie, who plays vampire Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson, although they literally sat at the same table.Hollywood actors met at a gala dinner in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of the film "Vicious passion", where Richard Gere played a brilliant lover and charismatic swindler. Interestingly, in the puncture 63-year-old actor admitted himself. "He was a nice guy, but I had no idea who this is" - quoted by Richard Gere StarHit."Opened my eyes" to the artist, his wife, actress and former model Carey Lowell. "I called the wife who asked me what we were doing together, and said that Robert's awfully cute," said Geer. Читать полностью -->

Actor Matt Dallas has announced that he is gay

Actor Matt Dallas has announced that he is gay30-year-old actor Matt Dallas has announced that he is gay. In General, about the orientation of Matt all had it, but secretly. The actor never mentioned his novels.The name Matt is not too known to the world kept an eye on his personal life: Dallas known for the role of a mysterious alien Kyle from the TV series "Kyle XY", we also saw him in the TV series "Entourage" and "Eastwick". Even Matt starred in music videos: he was in the music video for "Geek Love" Fan group 3, James blunt's "Goodbye My Lover" played together with Mischa Barton and appeared in the video for the song "Thinking of You" Katy Perry.January 7, Matt wrote in his Twitter: "Start the year with a new fiancГ©, blue Hamilton. A great way to start 2013!" The text was accompanied by a photograph of Hamilton favorite dog. Thus, Dallas is not only the first mentioned his homosexual, but were also told about the engagement.Journalists, of course, already know everything. Читать полностью -->

Lady Gaga will star in the Comedy `Zoolander 2`

Lady Gaga will star in the Comedy `Zoolander 2`Actor and producer Ben Stiller has offered Lady Gaga's $4.8 million for his role in the sequel of the famous Comedy "Zoolander.". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Madonna scared face without makeup

Madonna scared face without makeup 54-year-old star appeared in public in Rio de Janeiro without makeup, showing its natural beauty.According to British tabloid the Sun, the pop singer visited Brazil with the concert, which will be the last show as part of her world tour. Madonna was accompanied by her boyfriend Brahim Zaibat and son Rocco. Source: Madonna scared face without makeup (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Maya Plisetskaya is celebrating his birthday

Maya Plisetskaya is celebrating his birthdayThe legend of Soviet ballet Maya Plisetskaya is celebrating his birthday. And although the date is not round (the ballerina turns 87 years), there is no doubt that congratulations in her address will come from around the world.Italian ballerina Carla Fracci once said: "Above Maya only God!" - reminiscent of a ballet columnist Alexander feerer, who for many years interested in the creativity of Maya Mikhailovna close and know her."It's hard to disagree. Plisetskaya artistic, beautiful, music. This is a dazzling comet, with high voltage energy. It is the scale. Because Grand theatre - its size" - quoted by F. Читать полностью -->

A group of Swans will give a concert in Moscow

A group of Swans will give a concert in Moscow18 March 2013 the group Swans will give a concert in Moscow. The events page has been opened in "Vkontakte".The performance, organized by Arcto Promo, to be held at the site of "Moscow Hall". At the time of writing of the event of the announcement of the concert was not on the club page or blog promoters, nor on Young God Records, the label Swans.A group of Swans was formed in new York in the early 1980s and lasted until 1997. Then the project fell apart and reunited in 2010. During his career, Swans recorded recorded 12 Studio albums, two after reunification. Latest album of the group "The Seer" went on sale in August 2012.Swans already performed in Moscow in may 2011. Читать полностью -->

Lera Kudryavtseva accused Ivan Dorn greed

Lera Kudryavtseva accused Ivan Dorn greedPopular TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva are unable to restrain his indignation, and in his microblog shared with readers criticizing the young singer Ivan Dorn. According to Lera, the singer requires for its performance astronomical sums.Lera Kudryavtseva, who is usually quite reserved in their emotions, especially in public, suddenly in his microblog shared with friends and fans annoyance about the amount of the fee requested by young Ivan Dorn."2-3 years ago, when Ivan Dorn was unknown guy and kept us Children's New Wave I sawed the brain Krutoy that it is necessary to pay attention and take it to our Adult (New wave), etc etc . In the end, Ivan is the star! The star the same???? So recently he called me and asked to speak at the event. Was named the price of one flight into space. Fly Vanya, fly!!!!!;)))))" - told the story Lera Kudryavtseva.On account of popular TV presenter said the singer Natasha Koroleva. She tried to maintain Kudryavtsev and wrote a rather sarcastic tweet: "Ha! Just when you're in space I think that it is forever! Young not experienced!)Lerone don't worry!)" TV presenter, apparently, quickly took himself in hand, answered the Queen: "I'm aware of:)))) And it is that Space travel is not eternal.;))))" Many fans are also not left behind. Читать полностью -->

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