Charlize Theron getting tired of hiding from the paparazzi

Charlize Theron getting tired of hiding from the paparazzi Luxury Hollywood actress with an angelic appearance was so captivated by the experiments with himself for shooting in the fourth part of "Mad max" that even the most experienced paparazzi now hard to find!Charlize Theron had never tried to radically change their appearance, so it is shocking fans, and all of Hollywood, so what! Over the weekend the paparazzi managed to shoot Theron with her mother during dinner in the restaurant and after on the way to California's ArcLight cinema. Shaved head Charlize Theron and her brutal style of clothing - the result of intensive work of the actress on a new hard role in the film "Mad Max". Though beauty Theron any image to face, we hope that the actress will soon return to his Golden curls and luxurious evening the toilets! Source: Charlize Theron getting tired of hiding from the paparazzi (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

In `the House 2` was rocked by another sex scandal

In `the House 2` was rocked by another sex scandalOn endless telestroke another sex scandal. This time he broke out about the strange behavior of 24-year-old Lera Kadubinoj from Elektrostal. Visiting his girlfriend Gina Izyum she met a young man, and after 20 minutes they made love.About the incident told the angry Izyum. Shocked by the behavior of his friend Gina was contacted by the management of the project and reported all the details of the evening.The participants of the reality show condemned Leroux Casolino, but fans comely brunette began breast to her defense. They believe that the relationship with the first comer pushed her lack of male affection - on the project the girl weren't a couple. In addition, the assumption was that Leroy had lost his head from love. Читать полностью -->

In London presented the Brit Awards

In London presented the Brit AwardsIn London on the evening of 20 February, a solemn annual ceremony of delivery of musical awards Brit Awards. This was reported on the website of the award.The main winners of the award are a Scottish singer Emily Sande and British singer Ben Howard. Sande was awarded in nominations "the Best British singer" and "British album of the year" (for the album "Our Version of Events"). Howard, in turn, received the award "Breakthrough of the year" and "Best British singer".Best British band was named folk band Mumford & Sons, and the award for best live performance got Coldplay. The winner of last year's ceremony, singer Adele, this time he was awarded many awards in the category "Best British single" (for the song "Skyfall").Best foreign performers were singer named Lana Del Rey and rapper Frank ocean, and the best foreign group - American Duo The Black Keys.Full list of winners of the Brit Awards 2013 are available at . Source: London handed the Brit Awards. Читать полностью -->

Jennifer aniston has again given rise to speak about her pregnancy

Jennifer aniston has again given rise to speak about her pregnancy American actress and one of the sexiest women in Hollywood surprised fans with his new hairstyle, and again gave a reason to talk about her pregnancy.Returning c Sunny Mexico, where Jennifer spent time with her lover Justin Theroux, the actress immediately began shooting in new criminal Comedy "Spoofing." Photos from the set and hit the Internet - they provoked a new wave of rumors about aniston pregnancy.READ ALSO: Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux broke up?Unnaturally bright curls, which, incidentally, is also surprised us a lot, voluminous, even baggy, things which are very easy to hide a pregnant belly and just maniacal care assistants and colleagues in the film - they were Jen wrapped in blankets, cushions, scarves and bring hot drinks... actress Fans immediately began to discuss the alleged pregnancy of his favorite, but she still keeps silent and refuses to comment on this subject - I hope that's not just...By the way, new wheat curls Jennifer very much to the face of the star, and what would you say? Source: Jennifer aniston has again given rise to speak about her pregnancy (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

The `hot` cover of 2012

The `hot` cover of 2012 Outgoing, the year 2012 was rich in bright, candid photo shoot involving both Western and local stars.Throughout the year, the famous beauty delighted the audience with their talent, but also unmatched beauty and slender sexy figure. Stars with pleasure, showed their dignity on the covers of various magazines.We decided to sum up the year and take another look at the hottest covers of 2012! Source: hottest covers of 2012 (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Jenny McCarthy photographed for magazine Chicago Sun-Times

Jenny McCarthy photographed for magazine Chicago Sun-Times Famous American actress Jenny McCarthy appeared in a sexy photo shoot for the magazine Chicago Sun-Times.40-year-old star appeared on the pages of the new issue of the magazine in a candid photoshoot made in the bathroom.Despite his age, Jenny continues to pose in sexy Nude photo shoots. So, in the summer of 2012 the actress starred in an erotic photo shoot for men's gloss Playboy, showing her slender naked body. Source: Jenny McCarthy photographed for magazine Chicago Sun-Times (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Museum of Uzbekistan announced found a painting by Veronese

Museum of Uzbekistan announced found a painting by VeroneseIn the vaults of the Tashkent State Museum of arts of Uzbekistan found a copy of the painting of the most eminent representative of the Venetian school of Paolo Veronese (1528-1588) "Lamentation of Christ", performed by the author. As RIA Novosti reported, now it is being restored paintings.On the website of "Radio liberty" reported that the image was discovered under layers of paint or other fabric during the restoration and the painting is in good condition. In the Tashkent Museum, according to the Agency, said that the painting is original "the Lamentation of Christ by Veronese, which is stored in the Russian Museum.Meanwhile, original painting by Veronese, written in 1576-1582 years, is now in the Hermitage, the collection, which arrived in 1772.The Museum staff are confident that the picture is copyrighted repetition, however, the reasons on the basis of which were made such findings, not reported. According to former Museum Director Damir Lusibaea (1987-1992), the rumors that in the vault of the Museum there is a painting by the Italian painter, went before.According to "Radio liberty", some experts doubt took the opinion of the State Museum of Uzbekistan. So, Xavier Salomon, head of the collection of European painting at the Metropolitan Museum in new York, studied photography with painting, stated that it is not very similar to the original work of Veronese and, most of all, it was done by another painter of the Venetian school in the XVI-XVII centuries.Exactly when and how "Lamentation of Christ" could get in the State Museum of arts of Uzbekistan, not reported. However, according to the portal, the painting comes from the collection of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Читать полностью -->

Robert Pattinson spent Christmas in the pub

Robert Pattinson spent Christmas in the pubOf Pattinson saw several fans who were quick to share their joy on Twitter.User @ bugzzb wrote: "er TeV in "Sun" (Sun Inn ) , which on this occasion would have said "Twilight".Another user @ ChloeLoubet notes: "was Standing next to Robert Pattinson at the pub".And Mazdem: "Yes, that's Robert Pattinson in the black hat in my (pub)!". . . . . . Читать полностью -->




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