Milla Jovovich attended the most expensive restaurant in Moscow

Milla Jovovich attended the most expensive restaurant in MoscowActress Milla Jovovich has arranged dinner with friends on the 62nd floor of a skyscraper in the centre of the capital.36-year-old star of the "resident evil", once again visited Russia, spent the evening with friends in one of the most expensive Moscow restaurants.On Wednesday evening in the company of our American colleagues Milla came to the restaurant, which is located on the 62nd floor of one of the towers of the complex "Moscow-city" - it is here that the magnificent night views of Moscow from the height of 242 meters above the ground.Charming Hollywood actress enjoyed the lights of the capital as a child, and then running up to the Windows. Administrators even opened them so she could enough admire a stunning panorama.- Oh, how lovely! Beautiful view! - the whole room screamed Jovovich and laughed loudly.Enough to enjoy the views of Moscow, the actress and friends began to eat. Milla did not eat heavy food and ordered a seafood salad. And to drink the company chose white wine.Jovovich was in a good mood: the whole evening star "the Fifth element" told stories and laughed at the jokes of friends. Also Milla talked with several visitors, and before leaving, even hugged and kissed newfound friends.The expense of a restaurant put up a handsome Milla with seven friends dined at two thousand euros. However, they paid exactly half, because they were given a discount of 50 percent. Читать полностью -->

Media Mogul Rupert Murdock at the age of 82 years, divorced for the third time

Media Mogul Rupert Murdock at the age of 82 years, divorced for the third timeAfter the divorce tycoon Rupert Murdock will again become the richest bride in the world. The media Mogul, whose fortune is estimated at $11.2 billion decided to divorce his wife Wendi Deng Murdoch after 14 years of their marriage.According to foreign media reports on 13 June 2013 in the morning, the lawyers of Rupert Murdock filed the divorce papers in the court of the state of new York. After this information became known to the media, a representative of the Murdock confirmed multiple reports of divorce of the couple, he also said that relations between the pair have been finished six months ago.Wife of Rupert Murdock, Wendy Deng has attracted media attention in 2011, she lunged at the bully who attacked her husband. The attack happened in Parliament, in the case of wiretapping phones. Johnny Marbles began to attack Murdock armed with a plastic plate of shaving foam. Sitting beside her husband Wendy Deng rushed to the bully with fists, and after catching his guard returned to her husband.The former third wife Wendy Deng in 1997 interned in the Corporation's News Corp, the owner of which was Murdock. Читать полностью -->

Glucose is attributed to an affair with Eugene papunaishvili

Glucose is attributed to an affair with Eugene papunaishviliFamous Russian singer Glucose, whose name Natalia Ionova, credited the novel with a partner on the show "dancing with the stars".The Russian press reports that between Eugene papunaishvili and sexy Natalia broke off all work together on a dance project. Moreover, informed sources claim that Eugene has long nurtured a deep love for the married singer and even put the project organizers an ultimatum - either he will dance with Glucose, or will not participate in the show.Sources add that the dancer and choreographer was spotted in Samara, where he set off after his partner on the show - it was there that the couple tried to hide from journalists, to be alone.Neither Natalia nor Eugene rumors about the novel not comment. Source: Glucose is attributed to an affair with Eugene papunaishvili. . . . Читать полностью -->

Sylvester Stallone is in the deepest depression

Sylvester Stallone is in the deepest depressionFamous Hollywood actor, star of films "Rambo" and "the Expendables" Sylvester Stallone is in deep depression after the death of his eldest son, maybe we should get sage. However, the 66-year-old actor has found a rather unusual remedy for cold drawing.We will remind, the body of 36-year-old filmmaker and actor, maybe we should get sage Stallone was found on July 13 in his home in Studio city, near Hollywood. On the body of the young man showed no signs of violent death or injury. Was not a suicide note. Causes of death were not determined. As versions were considered overdose, heart attack, and the killing during a robbery. Читать полностью -->

Monica Bellucci appeared in public without makeup

Monica Bellucci appeared in public without makeup The actress along with her husband resting in Brazil. You can not hide and quietly surrender to the simple human joys. So apparently judged the couple and went to one of the local cafes.And Monica and Vincent chose to exit in unremarkable clothes. The actress didn't bother with hair and makeup - in the end, leave it at that and leave.By the way, we noticed that Monica, apparently, is not a supporter of diets. The couple ordered a few different dishes, one of which was the French fries. Well, as soft drink couple chose beer. Читать полностью -->

`The light of Ivanov` poured acid

`The light of Ivanov` poured acid"Sveta from Ivanovo" experienced a few unpleasant moments in my life. An unknown man threw the girl's feet a condom with acid.Filming in the capital's restaurant "Apricot" in the Light Kuritsyn was attacked by an unknown man. He approached the girl called her and cast under the feet of the condom with acid. The girl herself was not injured, but the shoes producer inoperable. After the incident, the presenter gave the guard. Now the "Light of Ivanov's" travels in an armored car, and the guard examines sms with threats that were found in the girl's phone. Читать полностью -->

Jason Statham will play the villain in `fast and Furious 7`

Jason Statham will play the villain in `fast and Furious 7`The main villain in the film "fast and furious 7" ("Fast and Furious 7") will play Jason Statham, according to the website BleedingCool.As the authors note, the hero of Statham appears in the final scene of "fast & Furious 6". This episode with the actor suggests that Statham will play the main antagonist in the next film of the series.The sixth "fast and furious" is not yet released in theaters. Tape, starring starring VIN Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster, will be released in late may 2013.Series "fast and furious", dedicated to street racing, exists since 2001. Diesel and Walker are veterans - each of the actors starred in five films. Brewster and Rodriguez appear in three films. Johnson is a relative newcomer, she is busy only in the fifth and sixth bands.To date, the last released movie with Jason Statham is the Thriller "Parker". Читать полностью -->

Victoria Lopyreva announced their engagement with Fedor Smolovik

Victoria Lopyreva announced their engagement with Fedor SmolovikTV presenter and model Victoria Lopyreva announced her engagement to football player, "Anji" Fedor Smolovik. Offer hands and hearts Fedor did Victoria on the 35th floor of the hotel "Ukraine".About the affair between the player of team Russia and Makhachkala "Anji" with popular TV presenter and "Ms. Russia-2003" became known about three months ago. First pair didn't want to publicize their relationship, but to the delight of fans they have long managed to escape. Smolov has published several joint photos on his blog, and then the couple went to rest in Miami.Recently at a Victoria shone a beautiful ring. The TV presenter confirmed that engaged. Читать полностью -->

Rita Ora in a photo shoot for Out magazine

Rita Ora in a photo shoot for Out magazine Famous British singer Rita Ora continues to conquer the world charts with their new hits, and to delight fans with new photo shoots.This time the 22-year-old star appeared in a new fashion photo shoot for the February issue of Out magazine.In an interview with Rita told about the relationship with his producer, famous rapper Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce."Jay calls me a kid and always cares," says the young star, " He really relates to his protege, like children. And it is always very nice. I remember I had to sing the hit "Say My Name" in front of Beyonce. I was very nervous, but she liked it. She endorsed me as the artist and it is a great honour for me, because Beyonce is the real Queen!". Source: Rita Ora in a photo shoot for Out magazine (photos). Читать полностью -->

Garbage will present an updated concert in Moscow (video)

Garbage will present an updated concert in Moscow (video)American rock band Garbage will present an updated concert in Moscow. The show will take place on Wednesday in the concert hall "Izvestiya Hall", ITAR-TASS reported.Garbage already played in Russia in the spring of this year in the first seven years of the world tour in support of their new album Not Your Kind of People. Their concerts were held in St. Petersburg on 11 may and in Moscow on may 12. In the summer it became known that the musicians decided to return to Russia in November, and not one concert, but with a tour, which will include six cities.Musicians tour opened in Kazan on 1 November, the next day there was a performance in Nizhny Novgorod, then the band played a concert in Yekaterinburg on November 4, followed by - in Novosibirsk and end Russian tour in Moscow "Izvestia Hall" 7 November in St. Petersburg "A2" 9 November, reports RIA "Novosti".The drummer of the band Butch Vig previously said in an interview that Garbage trying to change the setlist from concert to concert, so at the show in Moscow, the group will play songs from all albums. Читать полностью -->

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